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Call for Entries: Greenville, S.C.

August 4, 2008

May 8-10

West End Historic District of Greenville, S. C.
100 Artists
Deadline: October 16

Greenville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwest corner of South Carolina, halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte. Is is one of those lucky U.S. cities impacted by high tech development where industries such as BMW, General Electric and Fluor are flourishing.

What to expect:

  • In 2008, the Purchase Awards Program provided approximately $20,000 in additional art sales
  • An extensive advertising and publicity effort that publicizes the festival throughout the state and the Southeast region with media sponsors in print, radio,television and billboards. The festival will also be marketed through direct mail, internet outlets, and paid advertisements in tourist publications
  • $10,000 in prize money
  • a well-educated audience who have good jobs
  • good time of the year for pleasant Spring days

For a prospectus and more info, contact Liz Rundorff, Program Director/Artisphere, 864-271-9355, or
Download the application:

Artisphere is a tax-exempt art services organization whose mission is providing a high-quality event that attracts, entertains, educates, inspires and enriches a diverse audience, and thus brings the community together through the arts, a group who definitely “gets” the connection between the arts and economic development. More info: “Economic Impact of the Arts.”

Proceeds are used to produce the annual arts festival and are also distributed back to local non-profit arts organizations as part of Artisphere’s Volunteer Arts Partnership Program.


Arts Stories: Economic Impact, Recycling, Disney Goes to Belleville, Online Quilting Festival

April 8, 2008

1.  Recently I’ve come across so many great art links about art fairs. I especially liked this one from Greenville, SC, about their event, Artisphere (April 18-20), and its positive economic impact on the local economy. Greenville is one of those lucky U.S. cities impacted by high tech development where industries such as BMW, General Electric and Fluor are flourishing.

“The Artisphere board of directors believe very strongly that our arts festival has substantial positive impact on the existing economy in Greenville, as well as attracting new business to the area. We believe this so deeply that in addition to our missions of education and exposing the community to local, regional, national and international art venues, we have established another major part of our mission as economic development.”

One would ask, “How is this possible with an arts festival?” There is a direct parallel between thriving economies and thriving arts programs. Arts programs have a significant role to play in creating the quality of life that knowledge-based workers and employers are seeking.”

It’s too bad that more of our economic planners don’t get this message, especially where they are cutting the cultural arts budgets.

Read the rest of this article at this link:

2.  A nice twist on Earth Day/I Made It is happening in Kitchener, ONT. Seems like the Canadians are leading the way for North Americans in the recycling, save the earth race.

Bloomin’ Earth Eco Fair – a city-wide festival: “all types of people (excuse the stereotypes) hippies, yuppies and workaholics … low income and high income… all coming together for a common purpose. Something helpful and healthy and proactive… oh! something like earth day.” The rest of the story at:

3.  Now how is this for a nice turn of events? Attending Belleville, IL‘s, top ranking Art Fair on the Square will be the committee from Disney World’s Festival of the Masters, an event which should have pretty deep pockets but which doesn’t even get rated. The Disney folks are traveling to Illinois to see how a great art show is run.

Read the rest of this at:

4.   Online Quilting Arts Festival, May 29 – June 2.

Be part of the very first
Quilting Arts Festival
online quilting event

  • Discover new quilting tips and techniques
  • Shop for the latest quilting, embellishment, and surface design supplies
  • Meet and chat with quilters from around the world
  • Take exclusive classes with top quilt artists
  • Win prizes every day

A festival that you can attend online from the comfort of your home. For the details visit: