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Two Different Ends of the Spectrum: Blogging About Art

October 13, 2008

I guess I am not a real blogger, I don’t usually write about my own thoughts, but instead do a lot of reporting about others thoughts. Works for me, hope for you too.

That being said, here are two art blogs I found today that are pretty interesting. The first one by an artist doing her first art fair, the second by a blog so full of professional information I think I am on overload.

1. Shaping My Way, by Kyra Wilson, a professional artist, certified personal trainer, writer. An experienced artist who has spent her time in fancy gallery group shows, today’s blog entry discusses her experiences at her first outdoor art fair this past weekend in Vermont. It is an amusing account as well as has some good tips for new exhibitors.

2. Making a Mark, by Katherine Tyrell, is so thorough and full of links and details I can’t imagine that she does anything except research and write, yet she is also an artist. Links to everything art related, not so much about art fairs though, it is more gallery and competition oriented, but helpful to just about anyone reading my blog.

If you wander into it, I dare you to get anything else done today. (I just got lost in it for another half hour).

(Maybe you should bookmark this post and come back to it this winter when you snowed in.)