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#1 in Creativity: Des Moines Arts Festival’s Timely Appeal

October 27, 2008

Just in case you missed it — kudos to Stephen King and staff at the Des Moines Arts Festival for their catchy message:

I’m not asking for your vote, but I am asking you to apply to the 2009 Des Moines Arts Festival!
The DEADLINE for (z)application to the 2009 Des Moines Arts Festival is Friday, Oct 31, at 11:59:59!

Don’t wait until the polls close, apply today at

We hope you will include us in your plans for 2009.

Many thanks!
Stephen King, CFEE


Call For Artists: Des Moines Arts Festival

September 11, 2008

June 26-28, 2009
12th Annual Des Moines Arts Festival
Western Gateway Park
Des Moines, IA
175 Artists
Deadline: Oct. 31, 2008

The award-winning Des Moines Arts Festival invites you to be a part of the Midwest’s premier celebration of the arts on June 26-28, 2009, featuring the art work of 175 of the nation’s top artists and 24 juried emerging Iowa artists.

Creating opportunities for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to embrace the arts, the Des Moines Arts Festival is one of the most respected arts events in the country, and brings more than 200,000 art enthusiasts each year to its downtown location in Iowa’s capital city and largest metropolitan area.

The Festival is a non-profit organization founded by the Des Moines Art Center, attracting over one million people to Des Moines’ downtown since its inception in l998. Festival proceeds benefit the Des Moines Art Center and the continuation of the Des Moines Arts Festival.

What the artists say:

“This is one of the most professionally produced events we have participated in that caters thoughtfully to both patrons and artists.”

“Des Moines Arts Festival should be a benchmark for all other outdoor craft shows. One, we are lucky enough to have had very excellent sales. Two, the treatment of the artists before, during and after the fair is so good, it’s almost sad when it’s over.”

What to expect:

· Projected Attendance – More than 200,000.
· $11,000 in Cash Awards, including $1000 The Des Moines Register People’s Choice Award
· Official Festival Guide includes color image for each artist distributed to 220,000+ households via The Des Moines Register
· Free Parking for Artists
· Invitations to special events and receptions
· Exclusive Hospitality Area
· Air-conditioned restroom facilities reserved for artists only
· 24-hour Security
· Booth sitters and energetic volunteers

My partner and I have participated in this event several times. It was our favorite. Terrific hospitality, wonderful promotion, friendly and interested visitors who actually thank you for coming to their city for the festival. Plus, they take art home with them. All art fairs should be this good!

Visit or today to apply.

Looking for more art fairs? Visit for entries.

Michigan Festival: Sunny Days, Smiles Abound in Pontiac – Day Two

August 31, 2008

Beautiful weather brought patrons and smiles to artists faces. A big part of my day was spent overseeing the street jurying. Arts professionals (this year, Larry Butcher, professor of art at Delta College and well known Michigan artist, Nancy Swearingen, photographer, painter and jeweler) jury the art presented for $7500 in cash awards.

Every year we have different judges and every year we are so pleased in the evident interest they take in reviewing every booth and evaluating the work therein. Larry and Nancy started out at 10 am and completed choosing the award winners by 8 pm. They spent the day visiting the booths and interacting with the artists.

Interestingly, one year’s Best of Show award winner may be completely passed over the following year, and vice versa, the ‘passed over’ will turn out to be the prize winner.

Our award winners:

Best of Show/1st Place: Emerson, photography
2nd Place: Steve Uren, wood
3rd Place: Sylvia Pixley, graphics

Awards of Excellence:

Adam Shirley, jewelry
Gwen Bennett, Mixed Media
Mark Traughber, Painting
Neptune Hot Glass
Bruce Holwerda, Painting
Joe Hoynik, Photography
Donna Geissler, Digital
Ralph Rankin, Ceramics

Spirit of the City Award: Paul Adams – This award is for the body of work which best exemplifies urban energy

Golden Dolly Award: Bill Beaubien-This award goes to an artist’s helper, someone who has accompanied an artist to shows for many years and has served in the background, not receiving recognition for their contribution to the artist’s success. I believe we are the only art show in the country who presents this award, and it even comes with a check!

Here are some more stories about Arts, Beats & Eats:

Want to see some great images? Visit this link at the Detroit Free Press.

Then there is the great Arts, Beats & Eats mojo…fabulous weather. More info at this link:

We’d surely love to see you on Saginaw St. in Pontiac today and tomorrow. Come show these artists the famous Michigan hospitality. Check out our award winners and the rest of the fine work. Meet these interesting people who live a great American life creating imaginative work and traveling the byways of our country.

Winners of the “Send Me Your 2009 Dates” Contest

August 25, 2008
Visiting at the Krasl Art Fair, St. Joe, MI

Visiting at the Krasl Art Fair, St. Joe, MI

Congratulations to the art fair directors who not only read their email, but read it all the way to the end!

Last week I sent out a newsletter asking art fair organizers to send me their 2009 dates with a promise of a reward if they read to the end of the email. Kudos to the first five art fairs who sent me their 2009 dates. Their free $35 links are now live on at their listing.

The winners are:

1. Summerfair, Cincinnati, OH – Sharon Strubbe

2. Omaha Summer Arts Festival, Omaha, NE – Carly Barth

3. Edina Art Fair, Edina, MN – Rachel Hubbard

4. Lakefront Festival of the Arts, Michigan City, IN – Carolyn Saxton

5. Metro Arts Two Rivers Expo, Des, Moines, IA – Cat Hall

My many thanks to the many, many other art fairs who have sent me their 2009 dates. I really appreciate it!

If you haven’t contacted me yet, please do so. I really want to make sure the dates are correct — bringing you the patrons you deserve to support your efforts to bring the arts to your community.

In addition, anyone with an art fair between now and the end of the year- contact me by the end of August and I will add a live link to your site, good until 12/31/09, for $50.00. This live link also appears in all our newsletters, bringing you patrons now and later too!

Another Use for Craig’s List in Art Fair World

July 23, 2008

Hi Connie,

Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph, MI

Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph, MI

i want to share a recent adventure i had at the art in the square in madison and at ann arbor – i places a rather provocative ad on craigs list in the art section and got close to 50 responses in ann arbor and 10 in madison – anyway most of the responses were from art students or recent graduates – for both shows i had bright fresh young people around me – offering levity and fresh air in stark contrast to the normal doom and gloom view these days – in ann arbor i hired 2 girls one from 11 am to 2 the other from 5 to 8 – it was the best $60 i have ever spent – if you like i can email you some of there responses and even the thank you letters i received after woods – i just posted it again for gold coast and have gotten close to 20 responses in 24 hours –

Michael Solomon,

Ad in Artist Assistant / sales 8/2 and 8/3
Date: 2008-07-20, 6:39AM

Hi – I am an artist who makes beautiful mosaics and oxidized finishes, exhibiting at Art at the Glen.

i am looking for personable attractive person that lives near by to bring some levity to my booth during the art fair.

thanks michael –

Location: Glenview, IL
Compensation: $10 cash per hour

Here is another message from Michael, including one of the responses he received:

what i have gotten out of this an opportunity to have some refreshing affordable help and feel better about the future in art – best michael

Hi Michael,

My name is J—- L– and I am a student at the University of Michigan. Why I am a good sell:
I am an artist myself, I like art, I am rather entertaining and personable.

I have worked at the Whitney Museum of American Art leading tours and

dialogues with artists. So I am comfortable talking about art and have been trained to create conversations based on open ended questions. I have sales experience, working for companies like The Knot and The Gap.

I am punctual and reliable.
Pick me. – J.L.

Thanks, Michael, for sending me this innovative idea. We all know what it is to do an art fair when we are tired and are in the midst of a string of shows. How wonderful to have bright and shiny salespeople in your booth. Hopefully it added to your income and also it brightened your own participation. Smart thinking!

Police Presence Cancels Nude Photo Shoot at Art Fair

July 19, 2008

Here are five interesting articles I found about the Ann Arbor Art Fair:

1. Police Presence Cancels Nude Photo Shoot
WDIV – Detroit, MI, USA
A warning from police deterred people to take part in a scheduled nude photo shoot at the Ann Arbor Art Fair on Friday. Harvey Drouillard has taken nude …

Here is a series of interviews with artists that is informational if you’ve ever wondered how

Colette Fortin at Neptune Hot Glass
Colette Fortin at Neptune Hot Glass

the artists feel about the art fair:

2. Is it worth it? Artists weigh in on the Ann Arbor Art Fairs
The Ann Arbor News – – Ann Arbor, MI, USA
The Guild Summer Art Fair, Booth D268. 1. It was $700 for the booth; $150 for gas and parking. We stay at home and bring our own food, so that helps. 2. …

Here is an essay around a single topic:

Dolls by Sharon Snoeyink

Dolls by Sharon Snoeyink

3. Art Fair Dolls
By Mae Travels (Mae Travels)
Many artists at the Ann Arbor Art Fair make dolls for collectors. Some dolls are more like statues, but many of them are soft dolls with clothing made of cloth. I think that lots of grown ups and also children really love dolls of all ….

I agree with Mae, especially the dolls of Sharon Snoeyink, they have a fairy tale quality with no detail unembellished.

4. What we bought at the Art Fair
By Mae Travels(Mae Travels)
Our Art Fair purchases included two ceramic items. We were very impressed by this booth of potter Adam Spector: We selected this plate: For several years, we’ve been very fond of the pottery made by Marvin Blackmore, who works in a …

I know the work of Marvin, absolutely gallery quality, every piece unusual and fine.

Here is a nice blog with good images, including chatter about my friend Kathleen Eaton and her paintings. It is a pleasure to report she told me all her large paintings had been sold before she even arrived at Ann Arbor.

5.  Ann Arbor Art Fair
By Minick & Simpson (Minick & Simpson)
Not the Art Fair itself, but what it does to our daily existence here. It screws it up plenty, that’s what it does – but it’s worth it. I spent this morning walking around and thought I could show you a couple of pictures. …

Were you at an art fair recently, or at Ann Arbor? What did you buy? I would love to hear your comments, nothing snarky though. Post them below.

Ann Arbor Art Fairs 101: Intro to Art Fair Attending

July 15, 2008

July 16-19
Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan Art Fair

Let the buying begin!

The Ann Arbor Art Fairs
Wed.-Fri. 10 am-9 pm; Sat. 10 am-6 pm
1000+ juried artists

In case you didn’t know it, starting Wednesday Ann Arbor, MI, turns into art fair city with four official art fairs throughout the downtown and on the U-M campus. Here are the links that tell the rest of the story:

We’ll start with:

1. Getting Downtown during the Art Fairs, plus a story about commuting during the fairs with its own website.

2. Oh, and of course, any event worth its salt has its own preview party. Tonight attend the Ann Arbor Fair Townie Street Party, from 5 to 9:30 p.m., at a new location under the big tents on North University Avenue in front of Hill Auditorium and around the fountain on Ingalls Mall.

Artist Chuck Wimmer with customer at the art fair

Artist Chuck Wimmer with customer at the art fair

3. For a great preview/overview, with lots of useful detail read the blog at The writer talked with Shary Brown from the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, who always has the best info. “You may have been looking forward to this moment since last year. Or you may have been dreading it. Either way, brace yourself.”

4. A nice view of the fairs from the University of Michigan Daily gives some more details on what to expect,  “art fair” may call to mind kitschy wooden dolls or intricately bent wire sculptures – more an excuse to spend cash on “summer collectibles” … Read Ben VanWagoner’s report at The Michigan Daily.

5. For a look at the economic impact of the event read: Ann Arbor Art Fairs “economic engine” revs up.

6. Here is a story I found in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. There are always busloads of shoppers from Cleveland who love the art fair. How fun to ride to and from the fair with friends, plus the great “show and tell” on the way home!

7. And here’s the story from the Grand Rapids Press. It is well written with lots of good detail differentiating the various art fairs. Very helpful to newbies.

Selling blown glass at the art fair

Selling blown glass at the art fair

8. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know it has been a “weather-challenged” year for the artists. You might enjoy reading this story in the Ann Arbor News:

It’s almost time for the Ann Arbor Art Fairs – and organizers are ready for all kinds of weather

9. And yes, you will also find an alternative art fair in Ypsilanti on Saturday: The Shadow Art Fair. The Shadow Art Fair began two years ago as a warm-up for the Ann Arbor Art Fairs and to bring Ypsilanti area artists together.

Is there anything I’ve missed? This site has all the answers in one place:

More Reports From the Front Lines of the Storms

July 2, 2008

My thanks to Don Crozier of Best of Missouri Hands for the following information, more fallout from the last week’s storms, in particular the Omaha Summer Arts Festival:Omaha Summer Arts Festival

From Bari Precious:
Dearest Friends and those who have become friends through your love, I am overwhelmed by your response to my wind water hail storm disaster on Friday. I can only say the sight of soggy pizza having floated in and glued to the broken pots under my devastated tent did not stir my hunger but the vase of wild black eyed susans sitting intact in the middle of the heap of shelves, pots drapes and debris gave me a breath of peace.

Photo by Don Ament

It was an unbelievable mess and I have spent the whole day
washing away the crud happily to find many pieces still intact. My
icestorm teapots from last year were under the bottom shelf and
although the shelves were thrown around and heaped in a mess the
teapots (3) MADE IT.

Thanks for your many offers of tents and equipment but I have one from
Sam and Patty for next week’s show and insurance to cover a new one
following that. If anyone is into mosaics I would be happy to furnish
enough pieces to pave a trail to heaven or somewhere close to it. I
will recover and hopefully create better stuff- though I have said a
few bad words as I discovered some cracks in pots I thought were
pretty fine – “in their earlier lives”- So often I have said, as one
broke. “it’s only mud” well now I am having to eat my words.
Your love, thoughts, prayers and well wishes have gone straight to my
heart- I am humbled
Thank you – I hope to hug you all in the future- love Bari

Theresa Gallup writes that she has been doing shows for 10 years and
has never lost a tent or product. Her garage looks like a wet laundry
room with garments hanging everywhere.

Blenda Marquardt
Hi, Don. Noticed the Omaha information and thought you might be
interested in other members who were also affected.

In the canopy next to Bari Precious, Ken Nelson also lost his canopy
and entire setup. Luckily he was able to salvage enough of his
beautiful wood art to keep going. With the tenacity so typical of our
members, Ken bought an EasyUp and a couple of tables, and, with pieces
of his shelving as his display, he was open for business on Saturday
morning. Yea Ken!!!

Suzette Nesbitt also returned from the storm shelter in the Landmark
building to find her canopy twisted but still standing. Not so good
for her display, propanels and all her jewelry, which was scattered
throughout her booth. After several hours of putting things back
together, Suzette was up and running again on Saturday.

The net loss on Friday night was twelve displays that were completely
destroyed, but many others were damaged. Most artists managed to put
things back together and were up and running on Saturday.

Just to show how unforgiving the weather can be, there was another
storm on Saturday night. They called it a microburst…about three
blocks wide with about 60 mph winds, that lasted about 5 minutes but
took about 6 more canopies. Unfortunately for Suzette, she caught it
again. True to BOMH strength of will, she put it all back together
and was up and running again for customers on Sunday…yea Suzette!!!

There were several other BOMH members at this show including the
Marquardts, the Clements, and Robert Lyall, who had little damage and
were able to keep going.

Kudos to the art show staff and the folks of Omaha. The staff saw to
our safety, helped clean up, and took good care of us in oh, so many
ways. On Saturday and Sunday, there were many folks from Omaha who
had damage at home, or lost their electricity who made a point of
coming to the art fair in support of the artists. Thank you, Omaha.

There is a good discussion about the effects of the storm also at the NAIA artists site.

Were We in Kansas, Toto? Video from Chicago

July 2, 2008

This should be the last report on last weekend’s storms. I’m attaching a video from Chicago from the Evanston Fountain Square Art Fair to get an even better idea about the damage.

This spring we sold our display panels to Barbara Baur who was going out to start her art fair career this year. She has been through two terrible storms so far, including being trapped in her booth through the Evanston storm and having her booth collapse around her and the neighbor’s booth falling on top of her!! See comments in the previous story.

Nonetheless, she tells me the panels are ready to go to Madison (WI) soon and she is ready to “get back on the horse.”

Here’s the video from the Chicago Tribune:…val/4211411604

A great title for a blog entry: Kansas at the Art Fair
By Nancy Heiser
“We played and involuntary game of the Wizard of Oz at the show in Cedarburg on Saturday. The wind took the booth and destroyed a lot of stuff. The tent tried to do a somersault and only made it 3/4ths of the way over before breaking …”St. Clair Art Fair

And here is something I always like to see, a good example of how to attend an art fair when it is raining.

At least nothing was blowing and breaking at the St. Clair Art Fair in St. Clair, MI. Find out what you missed:

Click to get these updates automatically by EMAIL!

Hail, Heavy Wind and Rain at Art Fairs: Part II

July 1, 2008

While on the subject of this weather-scarred art fair season let’s not forget the damage at the Evanston, IL, Fountain Square Art Festival on Saturday, June 28:

Fountain Square Art Festival

And here’s the story from the Chicago Tribune.

I heard a few other reports from Jerry Berta and Madeline Kaczmarczyk. Madelyn was nearby in Highland Park at the Highland Park Festival of Fine Craft, where there was some wind, but not the terror that was taking place in Evanston.

Another subscriber was at the Randolph Street Market (in Chicago) and reported “it was it was the windiest I’ve ever experienced – tents were moving around and umbrellas were flying up.”

Here is the report from Chicago’s #1 art fair fan, Ed Seidman, “Highland Park was a great show with a wide variety of media. There was a bit of wind, but not bad.

We are saddened by the micro-burst that wiped out Fountain Square on Saturday. It was sad to see the news with the broken ceramic bowls being swept up.”

In an earlier post I showed you a photo that photographer Don Ament took in Omaha, when he got home he reported when he got home to Kentucky he was so glad to be there he started shaking and felt such sadness for those artists who had lost it all in Omaha and the whole terrifying experience. Omaha Summer Arts Festival

He also reported that the main music stage big tent appeared to be ripped in half, with one half of it flipping over, with legs sailing into the second story windows of the nearby building.

This has been a terrible art fair season for the artists. No matter how well you are prepared for the weather the wind will always have the upper hand. Usually this coming weekend is the biggest weather-challenged event of all, the Boston Mills Art Fair in Peninsula, OH, famous for its flash floods.

Everyone please take care.