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Did They Bother to Market the Fair? Four Festivals Reviewed

October 27, 2008

Here is a good roundup of four fall festivals. Maybe you won’t be traveling to Georgia and Tennessee, but it is always helpful to read about other areas of the country, find trends and then plan, plan, plan!

My thanks to bead artist Diane Kovach, who blogs about art fairs from her home in Acworth, GA. Read: Diane’s Fall Festival Review, with her “honest, and maybe not so fair Fall Festival review.”


Make More Money This Weekend?

October 18, 2008

Did you miss’s second call-in teleseminar?

Make More Money

Here is your opportunity to own a transcript of the conversation, 29 pages on 20 topics submitted by artists. It is full of helpful insights to dilemmas faced by beginning art fair artists.

Recently we held our second teleseminar where I answered questions from my subscribers about art fairs. We recorded the session and it is now available as an e-book on the web site for purchase for $12.95.

Click here right now to purchase the brand new e-book “Teleseminar II – Getting Into Art Fairs: 20 Questions Answered.” Look for the “Buy Now” button on the right sidebar.

Some of the topics addressed:

* what are some of the best items for art fairs?
* what style of art is most in demand?
* how do I raise money to get started?
* what are the best sources for finding art fairs?
* what sells and where?
* how do you tell the difference between shows with buyers and shows with lookers?
* what are art fairs looking for in the application?
* why do I need a booth slide? what is a booth slide?
* how do I arrange my booth?
* how do I determine a price?

Here is what some of the participants had to say:

Hi Connie,

I missed the first teleseminar, but listened to the second one that was yesterday. Thanks to your website I am very busy this summer beginning tomorrow (Warren Co. Festival of the Arts) till August 23rd (Mason Heritage Festival). I had some concerns about booth display and yesterday’s teleseminar gave me confidence.

Thank you again and feel free to use my comments as a testimonial. Also, since English is the 5th language to me feel free to proofread before you use any of my emails :).

Konul Zwolinski


Wanted to thank you for providing me the opportunity to join the call. Great information, and you organized the presentation of the topics very well, each flowed into the other.
Can’t wait for the next seminar.
You mentioned the possibility of focused calls – booth design would be most helpful. Would save a lot of trial and error.

Thank you,
JR Lamartine

Connie, I found your seminar helpful and informative. I look forward to future opportunities. i have just gotten started in this business, so I welcome all sources of experience and support. Please keep me on your e-mail list. I can anticipate using more of your services, in the future.

Enlightened Images,LLC

Thank you Constance:
I’m looking forward to reading what the two of you had to say.
Even with a more than 30 year history of painting and 2 masters degrees in Painting I’m having no luck even being accepted to Festivals. Any tips that help will be greatly appreciated.


2009 Master Artists-in-Residence Program Seeking Applicants

October 6, 2008

Next deadline: October 17

Sculpture Studio at the Atlantic Center for the Arts

Sculpture Studio at the Atlantic Center for the Arts

Since 1982, Atlantic Center’s residency program has provided artists from all artistic disciplines with spaces to live, work, and collaborate during three-week residencies. Located just four miles from the east coast beaches of central Florida, the pine and palmetto wooded environment contains award-winning studios that include a resource library, painting studio, sculpture studio, music studio, dance studio, black box theater, writers’ studio, and digital computer lab.

Each residency session includes three master artists of different disciplines. The master artists each personally select a group of associates – talented, emerging and mid career artists – through an application process administered by ACA. During the residency, artists participate in informal sessions with their group, collaborate on projects, and work independently on their own projects. The relaxed atmosphere and unstructured program provide considerable time for artistic regeneration and creation.

Atlantic Center for the Arts provides housing (private room/bath with work desk), weekday meals (provided by ACA chef) and 24 hour access to shared studio space. Financial Aid is available to qualified applicants.

For more information on how to apply, please telephone (386) 427-6975 or (800) 393-6975 (domestic US only) or visit or email us at

* All applications must be postmarked by the application deadline date.
* Atlantic Center for the Arts is pleased to announce, through the generous support of the Joan Mitchell Foundation, all painters and sculptors accepted into the 2009 Master Artists-in-Residence programs who demonstrate need will be recommended to receive full financial aid to attend the residency program. Artists from other disciplines may apply to ACA’s Financial Aid program.

How Do the Candidates Feel About the Arts?

October 5, 2008

What can you do about support for the Arts in this election year? Please read the letter below I received from the bi-partisan Americans for the Arts.

October 3, 2008

Dear Constance:

Americans for the Arts Action Fund is pleased to present you with its just released summary of the Arts Positions of the 2008 Presidential Candidates. (Also see side-by-side comparison table below.) Sorry, it is not below because my tech skills are not up to reproducing it here…but you’ll find the info at the links.

As you may know, Americans for the Arts Action Fund launched its ArtsVote2008 initiative in May 2007 in order to educate presidential candidates on issues impacting the arts and arts education with the goal of securing—for the first time ever—formal position statements from the top candidates.

To date, we have shared with you Senator Barack Obama’s comprehensive arts policy proposal that he began issuing in February 2008. Unfortunately, the McCain campaign has not been as forthcoming, despite numerous formal requests from the Arts Action Fund and Senator McCain’s own supporters over the last year. However, we are pleased to report that Senator McCain has now issued a short statement that he released in an article for today’s Salt Lake City Tribune.

With this information in hand, we ask you—the arts advocate—to take action by doing the following things:

1. Share this side-by-side comparison of the presidential candidates with your friends, family, and colleagues.

2. Blog about this issue on any sites that you are affiliated with.

3. Post the comparison chart on your social network sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and others.

4. Send a Letter to the Editor of your local newspapers and journals. We’ve made it easy for you by drafting a customizable letter at our E-Advocacy Center that you can personalize. You will then automatically be given the choice to e-mail your letter to all the key media outlets in your area based on your zip code.

5. Ask questions about policies on the arts and arts education to both your Congressional and presidential candidates in any kind of town hall forums, online chats, or any other public forums.

6. Vote for the candidates that you feel will best advance the arts and arts education in America.

With only 32 days left to Election Day, now is the time to act and show your support for the arts!

Visit this link to view the Arts Positions of the 2008 Presidential Candidates

ArtsVote2008, a program of the Arts Action Fund, was created to secure bold, new policy proposals in support of the arts and arts education in America from candidates in the 2008 presidential campaign.

For more info visit, or call 202-371-2830

Artists Looking for Answers to Internet Marketing? A Cool Opportunity

September 24, 2008

It is getting to that time of the year when the art fairs slow down and you go back to your studios, retool, make new art and start thinking about next year’s sales. I know many of you are active on the Internet and are also busy with your websites.

Here is a great opportunity for you to get some help with your online marketing. Scott Fox, author of Internet Riches, and one of the sponsors of my website, has a weekly radio program, the E-Commerce Success Show, where he discusses this topic.

This Friday, September 26 at 2 pm EST, for the first time he is holding an “open mic”, “Ask Scott Fox,” where you can get some answers from this expert. It is a great opportunity to really get the latest information.

If you have a question for him about e-business, web startups, web site design, online marketing or e-commerce strategy for your online business, give him a call:

Call in LIVE this Friday 9/26 to 1-646-716-4641

Check out Scott and his blog at:

How Do I Decide How Much Inventory to Take to A Show? AND How Do I Figure Out How Much to Charge?

September 4, 2008

Many thanks to Don Crozier of BOMH (Best of Missouri Hands) for allowing me to share this article. Also thanks go to the author, Glennis Dolce, aka Shibori Girl, for all the good information.

Did she charge enough? How do you figure it out?

Did she charge enough? How do you figure it out?

Subject: Show numbers- advice from a dyer

This is always the first thing I figure out when I have signed up for a show. It is a MUST in order to be successful and make $.

My basic rule of thumb is this:
2x the $ amount of what I need/want to make from the show = minimum inventory level

How do I figure out the $ amount?
Add up ALL the costs of doing the show(there are more than you think!) plus the direct cost of all goods for sale.

-if you double this you are barely breaking even and paying yourself a living wage (x2)

-if you triple this you had a decent show and might live to see the next one (x3) (kidding-sort of)
-if you quadruple this you are doing good, won’t starve and can pay booth fees for the next show-and probably should right away so as not to be tempted to charge it on a CC and further add to your expenses.

I know this is a lot to digest as a first timer but it’s better to be
realistic and aim high. Start small and grow your business.

Plus what Ann said…..

This gives you something by which to judge a show and helps you decide if it is one you should do again or perhaps look for a better one.

It’s always a risk…the current economy isn’t helping. On the bright side, if you can make it in a downturn you’re gonna be fine! Sounds like you are asking the right questions of the right people. Good luck!

Glennis Dolce

Thanks to
Ruth Walker, Feltmaker
Columbia, Missouri,

Call for Entries: Greenville, S.C.

August 4, 2008

May 8-10

West End Historic District of Greenville, S. C.
100 Artists
Deadline: October 16

Greenville is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwest corner of South Carolina, halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte. Is is one of those lucky U.S. cities impacted by high tech development where industries such as BMW, General Electric and Fluor are flourishing.

What to expect:

  • In 2008, the Purchase Awards Program provided approximately $20,000 in additional art sales
  • An extensive advertising and publicity effort that publicizes the festival throughout the state and the Southeast region with media sponsors in print, radio,television and billboards. The festival will also be marketed through direct mail, internet outlets, and paid advertisements in tourist publications
  • $10,000 in prize money
  • a well-educated audience who have good jobs
  • good time of the year for pleasant Spring days

For a prospectus and more info, contact Liz Rundorff, Program Director/Artisphere, 864-271-9355, or
Download the application:

Artisphere is a tax-exempt art services organization whose mission is providing a high-quality event that attracts, entertains, educates, inspires and enriches a diverse audience, and thus brings the community together through the arts, a group who definitely “gets” the connection between the arts and economic development. More info: “Economic Impact of the Arts.”

Proceeds are used to produce the annual arts festival and are also distributed back to local non-profit arts organizations as part of Artisphere’s Volunteer Arts Partnership Program.

What is Art? Bet you’ll be surprised

July 16, 2008

Heading for an art fair? Don’t know what to buy? I mean, really, what is art? This important video answers all your questions:

Artless in St. Louis: They Gave an Art Fair and Nobody Came

June 28, 2008

An artist’s worst nightmare, read this story from the Riverfront Times in St. Louis by Kristen Hinman:
At least on paper the Olive and Taylor Art & Craft Fair (OTLA) sounded promising: fourteen hours of acoustic music, twelve hours of performance art, beer by Schlafly and handmade pasta from Mangia Italiano. Then there was the funky array of arts…
Read the rest of the story here

Free Call-in Teleseminar-June 26: How Do I Get Started in the Art Fair Business?

June 19, 2008

Do you have questions about how to get started in the art fair business?

  • how do I find about the good art fairs?
  • how can I find an art fair that works for me, and is worth my time and money?
  • how do I put together a winning application?
  • how can I get in the good shows?
  • why am I getting so many rejections?
  • what can I do about that?
  • We are pleased to present you with this exciting opportunity to get some sound answers to these questions,

    • Thursday, June 26, 7 pm EST
    • we are hosting a fr*e call-in seminar, #2 in a series
    • discussing the theme of getting started in the art fair business

    As publishers of this newsletter we receive a steady stream of inquiries about how to succeed at the art fairs, and here’s your chance to get those questions answered, for fr*e!

    How To Participate:

    1. What it is: a 45 minute fr*e seminar, a conference call
    2. Who can participate: only subscribers to this newsletter
    3. When: Thursday, June 26, 7 pm EST
    4. How: respond to this email: for call in instructions
    • Email us with your questions. What question would you really like discussed?
    • We will take the best questions and Connie will answer them LIVE on the phone with you
    • Email us to register and submit a question to, OR you aren’t required to submit a guestion
    • preference will be given to the first people who email a question
    • Respond to this email to register your interest and receive the call in number. Do it now so that you receive the call-in number in advance and don’t miss a minute of the discussion.

    The call is not totally free, you must still pay your regular long distance charges to reach the call number.

    What Artists Said About Teleseminar I

    Just wanted to let you know I attended and found it to be time well spent. Please do it again soon.

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear from a professional.
    E. ShanleyGreat job! I enjoyed the teleseminar very much. Both of you did well, gave good information, and were interesting to listen to throughout the program. If you’re considering doing other programs, I’d love to hear one dedicated to photography.
    I make jewelry and I wanted to thank you for the teleseminar.

    I have been in business for 2 years and have found that getting into the shows is very competitive. From what I understand, jewelry and photography are the 2 most competitive fields for these shows.

    I would love to hear more category specific teleseminars. For me, one on jewelry would be great!

    Angie Dresie

    Teleseminar I: 17 Secrets for Success at Art Fairs is still available as an e-book. Visit and click on the link in the upper right hand corner.

    Who is Connie Mettler?

    In addition to publishing this newsletter and its partners the website and the blog, The Art Fair Insider, Connie has traveled the roads of the U.S. for twenty + years with her artist partner, photographer Norm Darwish, doing art fairs. Additionally, she has started art fairs, consulted with art fairs and been art director of others. Her expertise is sure to be helpful to you.

    I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday.