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The St. James Court Art Show in Louisville Report

October 6, 2008
St. James Court by mister_poppular

St. James Court by mister_poppular

Didn’t make it to Louisville this past weekend, October 3-5? Maybe you’ll want to be there next year for the St. James Court Art Show and its satellite shows on 3rd Street, 4th Street and Belgravia Court. They tout 700 artists and around 300,000 visitors in this beautiful, leafy old neighborhood full of historic homes. It is a lovely place to spend a fall day, see and be seen, eat Kentucky burgoo and discover treasures.

Here are reviews to pique your interest:

A site with many images, including the one above:

Another site that has wonderful images of the unique architecture of the neighborhood (enough to bring you to the district again to see it without the crowds), This man needs to be on the Chamber of Commerce for the city.

St. James Court Art Show Ends Sunday
WLKY – Louisville,KY,USA
Perfect weather has made for a comfortable stroll for visitors of the St. James Court Art Show. Some of the finest artists and craftsmen in the country came … read the story and see the video.

From the Louisville Courier-Journal: St. James art show: It’s a scene.

See you there next year?


Overcoming Economic Obstacles for Festival Success

September 22, 2008

When it looked as though the Fayetteville, AR, Arts Festival wasn’t going to happen because of slashes to the budget the Fayetteville Downtown Partners came together to make it happen AND they had money to put toward next year. Congratulations to you!

Read this great story at:

For more of the details of how this group made this happen read this also:

Art Fair of the Month: Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, MO

September 19, 2008
Taking the art home!

Taking the art home!

September 19-21
77th Annual Plaza Art Fair
Country Club Plaza
Kansas City, Missouri
230 artists

The Plaza Art Fair is consistently ranked among the nation’s top five art festivals. In a highly competitive jury process, about 1,500 artists submit their best in hopes of becoming an exhibitor in the nationally recognized program.

The celebration of the arts extends 9-blocks into the streets of the Plaza, and showcases the finest works in ceramics, digital art, fiber, glass, graphics and printmaking, jewelry, metal, mixed media, painting, pastels, photography, sculpture and wood. The fine quality and beauty attracts admirers and buyers alike to browse the outdoor art gallery.

The evenings are beautiful in Kansas City at this time of the year and the art fair comes alive with serious shoppers, here to score the best art work in the region, eat from the famous restaurants and listen to fine music set in the streets of the historic Country Club Shopping Plaza. Don’t miss it!

Here is the official website: Plaza Art Fair

Here is a guide to the fair at with some cool local flavor.

And here is a cool blog about it: Mary Anne’s Kansas City, MO, blog…I think she loves the Plaza Art Fair. I also think she has great taste!

Now you have all the info. I’d better see you there.

Roller Review of the Atlanta Arts Festival

September 17, 2008

You might enjoy rollerblader Steve Aishman’s review of last weekend’s Atlanta Arts Festival.

I’ll have to say this, it surely looked better in Atlanta last weekend than it did anywhere else in the country. I hope the artists did well!

Call For Artists: Des Moines Arts Festival

September 11, 2008

June 26-28, 2009
12th Annual Des Moines Arts Festival
Western Gateway Park
Des Moines, IA
175 Artists
Deadline: Oct. 31, 2008

The award-winning Des Moines Arts Festival invites you to be a part of the Midwest’s premier celebration of the arts on June 26-28, 2009, featuring the art work of 175 of the nation’s top artists and 24 juried emerging Iowa artists.

Creating opportunities for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to embrace the arts, the Des Moines Arts Festival is one of the most respected arts events in the country, and brings more than 200,000 art enthusiasts each year to its downtown location in Iowa’s capital city and largest metropolitan area.

The Festival is a non-profit organization founded by the Des Moines Art Center, attracting over one million people to Des Moines’ downtown since its inception in l998. Festival proceeds benefit the Des Moines Art Center and the continuation of the Des Moines Arts Festival.

What the artists say:

“This is one of the most professionally produced events we have participated in that caters thoughtfully to both patrons and artists.”

“Des Moines Arts Festival should be a benchmark for all other outdoor craft shows. One, we are lucky enough to have had very excellent sales. Two, the treatment of the artists before, during and after the fair is so good, it’s almost sad when it’s over.”

What to expect:

· Projected Attendance – More than 200,000.
· $11,000 in Cash Awards, including $1000 The Des Moines Register People’s Choice Award
· Official Festival Guide includes color image for each artist distributed to 220,000+ households via The Des Moines Register
· Free Parking for Artists
· Invitations to special events and receptions
· Exclusive Hospitality Area
· Air-conditioned restroom facilities reserved for artists only
· 24-hour Security
· Booth sitters and energetic volunteers

My partner and I have participated in this event several times. It was our favorite. Terrific hospitality, wonderful promotion, friendly and interested visitors who actually thank you for coming to their city for the festival. Plus, they take art home with them. All art fairs should be this good!

Visit or today to apply.

Looking for more art fairs? Visit for entries.

Meet Me in St. Louie: September 5-7

September 5, 2008

Arguably the best art fair in the country the St. Louis Art Fair, held in downtown Clayton, MO, opens this evening. So many artists apply to be in this event that it takes three days of judging to choose the participants. Translation: excellent work to be seen here.

Here is an article from the about how an artist gets chosen:

One juror talks, How artists get into the fair

And some more info from one of our favorite artists, Dolan Geiman, from his blog:

St. Louis Art Fair this weekend. Gustav is not invited.

Michigan Festival: Part 2 – One Day to Show Time!

August 28, 2008

The phones are ringing crazily at Arts, Beats & Eats. There are about 15 people in the office (let alone the crews out on the site putting up tents, building scaffolds for displays, hanging banners, wiring the site) on the phones, stuffing envelopes, closing deals with vendors, sponsors stopping by to pick up food tickets and volunteer organizations picking up t-shirts.

The political parties are signing up for booths. They say Barack Obama may appear on the main stage on Sunday night to introduce Chaka Khan. Well, that’s a stretch. But he will be in Detroit on Monday to be in the Labor Day Parade, a tradition for the Democratic candidate, and we’re hoping to convince him to have some fun with us on Sunday night.

A “veteran” contacted us this week wanting to sell glow-in-the-dark products, even though the festival has an exclusive with someone else selling these. She insisted on her rights, lawyers for both sides got involved. We agreed. Then after many hours of hassling, she changed her mind.

When you plan a festival you don’t think about incidents like this taking up so much time, let alone another line for the budget for the lawyer.

Today I started the day at Kinko’s picking up all the printing, the information for the artists about arrangements for the weekend, including parking passes, booth locations, credentials, etc. A stop at the office supply store for the rest of the supplies and we are ready!

Wendy Cox, our terrific intern, will begin the stuffing of the envelopes. We’ll prepare 150 of these. Then take the supplies to the Lafayette Grande where we will be meeting the artists in the morning, starting at 7 am, for their check in.

Later today Saginaw Street will be closed to traffic and we’ll take our layout and mark the streets for the booth spaces. Several years we have done this in the dark, using the measuring tool, a flashlight to catch the numbers on it, and chalk. Imagine almost crawling down the street, bent over the measurer, making sure everything is corrrect. This is definitely NOT my favorite part of the job.

The day will end with all the check in materials at the ready, the booth spaces marked. Artists can check in at 7 am so we have to be ready.

Chrysler has delivered some very cool GemCars for our use. It is fun to drive these electric vehicles around, although as the crowds arrive there is not much room to drive.

To be continued….

Planning a Michigan Festival: Part 1

August 27, 2008

One of the activities that fill my days is being the co-Art Director of Pontiac, MI’s, Arts, Beats & Eats, along with my partner Lisa Konikow. This festival, Oakland County’s arts celebration, brings almost a million people to the urban center and streets of Pontiac. Metro Detroit loves it.

Planning for something of this magnitude does take all year, including raising funds, securing sponsors, recruiting restaurants, bands and artists, plus all the details to support all the facets.

Jon Witz is the producer. He maintains relationships with county, city and business officials, puts it altogether. Jeff Wilson is head of Operations, which means he handles all construction: tents, stages, scaffolding, electricians, signage, layout, extensive security.

The rest of the staff includes a sponsorship coordinator, a restaurant and beverage manager, five stage managers, volunteer coordinator. All of these people then have interns and staff. The office is pretty quiet during the winter but this time of year the phones ring continuously, the copy machine runs and breaks down. And, the summer interns leave for school a week before the festival!!

Lisa and I handle the arts. We write the art application, see that it gets out to artists, handle all facets of the jurying, handle the paperwork for artist communication, layout the art fair, then prepare for the artist arrival. Right about now we are holding our breath that all the artists can make it. Cancellations mean redoing all the press materials, name tags, booth signs, layouts. Maybe finding a replacement, or maybe making a corner out of the empty space.

From my background as a participant in art fairs I can stand in the artists shoes. The artists count on good treatment when they get here, a layout which gives everyone equal access to the public, hospitality that makes them comfortable and good publicity, bringing the customers that will respond to their wares.

Earning a living as an artist is an art. Balancing expenses, local economies, doing creative work, traveling the roads to the ‘next big thing’. But it can be rewarding psychologically and monetarily and appealing to people who have the stomach for adventure.

So, here we are two days until Show Time!! Stay tuned for the fun and games.

Planning Ahead for the Labor Day Weekend: Aug. 29-Sept. 1

August 25, 2008

Ann Arbor Street Art FairThree Great Art Fairs to Consider

Do you ever travel to attend art fairs? What are you doing on Labor Day Weekend?

Here are three festivals well worth attending, all held on August 29-September 1.

  • Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, CA
  • Long’s Park Art Festival, Lancaster, PA
  • Arts, Beats & Eats, Pontiac, MI

Sausalito is held on the shores of San Francisco Bay and attracts artists from throughout the country, but you are likely to see art from Western artists who don’t make it to the Midwest, and a real treat they are.
For more info:

Long’s Park is held in a lovely park outside of Lancaster, PA, and is just about the best art fair in the East. Like Sausalito, you are likely to find artists who do not make it to the Midwest.
For more info:

For a great weekend in the Midwest then head to Pontiac for Arts, Beats & Eats with its great lineup of art, food and entertainment. In addition in downtown Detroit is hosting the International Jazz Festival on the riverfront, as well as the Grand Prix on Belle Isle. They are calling this celebration “Three Days in the D.”
Info on Arts, Beats & Eats:
& more info on Three Days in the D:

Looking for more art fairs around the country?

Letter to Art Fair Directors: Send Me Your 2009 Dates!

August 22, 2008

Please let me hear from you. I need your 2009 dates!

Carrying home the goods at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

Did you know that is the only site on the Internet whose mission is to bring patrons to art fairs around the country? We have great google rankings (#3 under “art fairs”) and #1 in many individual state rankings.

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2. Publicity for Your Art Fair on

Selling Jewelry at the Upper Arlington Art Fair in Ohio is the premier resource for art fair lovers to find art fairs around the country. There is a lot of “art fair tourism,” people who build their vacations around visiting art fairs.

I get inquiries daily from people looking for an art fair in March in Arizona, or the best Michigan art fair to visit, e.g. Make your event stand out in the calendar listings by not only having a live link, but a story about your event to attract the public.

A story goes on the website, then it will also be repeated on the newsletters. A simple expanded listing with a descriptive sentence is only $50 including the live link. Other options are expanded stories, event of the month for your state and sponsorship of a regional newsletter. Prices are all under $200 for a year. Please inquire.

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3. Ads on Our Website and Our Newsletter

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4. Find New Artists for Your Fair with

Printmaker Mary Mark & David Johnson

Your choices:

  • $45 – a link to your website and application on the call for entries page
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  • the $45 linkT
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This option easily pays for itself in additional jury fees from the new applicants. Pretty much a win-win situation, right?

I am here to discuss with you any options that will enable you to use the Internet to reach both your customers and the artists. Email me at:, or call to discuss your needs: 517-278-7515.

Connie Mettler – the Publisher