Best Art Fairs

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6 Responses to “Best Art Fairs”

  1. maureen reisner Says:

    I do simple bead stringing at present…i dont make my own beads(i wish), and have been in juried art shows around the northern mich area, and was wondering how to get into bigger shows..? I have my own stlye, and have been having success with certain galleries.. Northern Michigan Artist Market in Petoskey has been wonderful the last couple of years,,but I am intersted in different places… Thanks Maureen

  2. Constance Mettler Says:

    Most of the artists that I profile are making their own beads. Nonetheless, I know there is definitely a market for creatively made jewelry from purchased beads. Most of the bigger shows want you to be making your own beads. I don’t know how far you are willing to travel, Maureen, a thorough resource for finding more events would be Many, many events from church bazaar to the biggest ones out there.

    I don’t want you to be insulted here but there are also the fast growing indie artist markets where I think you would be welcome and the widely proliferating farmers markets, although the season on that is fast coming to an end. Google either one of those and I think you’ll find many interesting things.

  3. William Wise Says:

    I make wooden boxes. I can make just about any subject or design. I have made special order boxes for anniversaries, wedding, dog breeds, children’s picture boxes for parents and grandparents. They are nicely made and finished with a very smooth texture that is varnished at the end stage. I have been is one outdoor art fair and a few inside. The boxes do not do well in hot and sunny weather. My question is how do I find indoor art fairs to participate in?

  4. Constance Mettler Says:

    Great question, William. For people in many media there are problems with being outdoors to show their work. If you continue to do outdoor shows here are a few suggestions:
    1. look over the layout of the booths, the booth map for each show (if you can get ahold of it, maybe online, or from the art fair itself, or by visiting the art fair the year before you participate.
    2. Then find locations that appeal to you…look for one that is in a shaded location (yes, pretty hard to tell from a map), or one that is facing a particular direction so the sun does not come in your booth.
    3. When you apply to the show write a note, or write on the application that your work is fragile to the sun and you would appreciate a booth situated appropriately. Additionally, you can call the event and tell them of your problem and ask for their help.

    There are a lot of great indoor shows. Visit for ideas. Also we have featured two box makers in the Featured artists section on the site, Michael Hamilton and Ray Jones. Visit their web sites and see what their show schedule looks like. Offhand I remember that Steve Rapp also makes fine boxes. I’d google each of their names.

  5. Randy Vaughn Says:

    One of the best art shows I have been in as an artist and visited as a patron is the Tilles Fine Arts Show (I believe now it is moving to Faust Park with the highway construction).

    The quality of the work has improved dramatically over the last few years. There is no more junk crafts. Everything is fine art and fine crafts.

    As far as being an artist in the show, you are treated extremely well. I would recommend any serious artist or crafter give this show a try.

  6. Constance Mettler Says:

    Hi Randy,

    This sounds like a good one. But you neglected to say what city this art fair takes place in.

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