Six Artist Profiles from the Peoria Fine Arts Fair


This is such an excellent article by JournalStar of Peoria, IL, about artists exhibiting at the Peoria Arts Guild’s Fine Arts Fair this weekend, September 27 and 28. It is full of background information on each artist, plus many tips to would-be exhibitors, reading between the lines.

The artists profiled are:

James Barnes, wood – Woolwine, VA

Delores Fortuna, ceramics – Galena, IL

Cynthia Cunningham, mixed media – Marietta, GA

Barbara Carter, digital art – Santa Fe, NM

Jodi Perry, painting – Polvadera, NM

Chris Vance, mixed media – Des Moines, IA

I originally decided to do this post because I wanted to show you the fine art made by these artists. So after I posted the list above I googled all their names so you could see their work on their websites. I am astonished to say that only two of them had a site where you could see the work, Barbara Carter and Cynthia Cunningham. Chris Vance has a site – but it doesn’t show his art.

Obviously these are successful artists traveling and creating fine work leaving no time for the web! Heresy!! A simple website with contact information and a few images plus an art fair schedule is really easy to build–and cheap! Artists, this is almost a necessity. Maybe you won’t sell work online but your customers can keep up with you and “preshop” before they see you at a show. We need to talk about this.

Well, I hope you will enjoy reading about them.

Read the article at:


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4 Responses to “Six Artist Profiles from the Peoria Fine Arts Fair”

  1. Barbara J Carter Says:

    Oh, you mean the OTHER Barbara Carter.

    In fact, there’s quite a few of us!

    Barbara J Carter
    Valencia, CA

  2. Constance Mettler Says:

    Are you also an artist? If so, please visit my newest site: and join the discussion…post your image or images. I’d love to see your work.

  3. C. L. Cunningham Says:

    I do have a website — it was given to the interviewer of the Peoria article for contact information and if you Google me it is very prominent and easy to find. For the record it is — . Thank you!

  4. Constance Mettler Says:

    Sorry, Cynthia. I am changing the story to reflect this. I googled “Cynthia Cunningham” as that is how the reporter stated your name in the article…I was many pages into the google results before I gave up.

    I do know you and your work and am so pleased to include the link in the above story.

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