Planning Ahead for the Labor Day Weekend: Aug. 29-Sept. 1


Ann Arbor Street Art FairThree Great Art Fairs to Consider

Do you ever travel to attend art fairs? What are you doing on Labor Day Weekend?

Here are three festivals well worth attending, all held on August 29-September 1.

  • Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, CA
  • Long’s Park Art Festival, Lancaster, PA
  • Arts, Beats & Eats, Pontiac, MI

Sausalito is held on the shores of San Francisco Bay and attracts artists from throughout the country, but you are likely to see art from Western artists who don’t make it to the Midwest, and a real treat they are.
For more info:

Long’s Park is held in a lovely park outside of Lancaster, PA, and is just about the best art fair in the East. Like Sausalito, you are likely to find artists who do not make it to the Midwest.
For more info:

For a great weekend in the Midwest then head to Pontiac for Arts, Beats & Eats with its great lineup of art, food and entertainment. In addition in downtown Detroit is hosting the International Jazz Festival on the riverfront, as well as the Grand Prix on Belle Isle. They are calling this celebration “Three Days in the D.”
Info on Arts, Beats & Eats:
& more info on Three Days in the D:

Looking for more art fairs around the country?


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One Response to “Planning Ahead for the Labor Day Weekend: Aug. 29-Sept. 1”

  1. Lee Hill Says:

    There also is the Oakbrook Invitational Art Fair in Oak Brook IL, a western Chicago suburb, at the Oakbrook Shopping Center on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 29 & 30

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