Letter to Art Fair Directors: Send Me Your 2009 Dates!


Please let me hear from you. I need your 2009 dates!

Carrying home the goods at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

Did you know that ArtFairCalendar.com is the only site on the Internet whose mission is to bring patrons to art fairs around the country? We have great google rankings (#3 under “art fairs”) and #1 in many individual state rankings.

Do not miss another customer for your event send me your 2009 dates today. Email me at: info@artfaircalendar.com.

What ArtFairCalendar.com and ArtFairInsider.com can do for you:

Listings on the website are free to all art fairs. However, don’t you want more?

1. For only $35 you can have a live link to your website added to your listing. This link is not only on the website but also in the monthly newsletters that go out to my 10,000 art fair lover subscribers, bringing you much bang for very little buck!

Special offer: Sign up for the link by August 23 and the link will be good until 12/31/09, a $50 value.

2. Publicity for Your Art Fair on ArtFairCalendar.com

Selling Jewelry at the Upper Arlington Art Fair in Ohio

ArtFairCalendar.com is the premier resource for art fair lovers to find art fairs around the country. There is a lot of “art fair tourism,” people who build their vacations around visiting art fairs.

I get inquiries daily from people looking for an art fair in March in Arizona, or the best Michigan art fair to visit, e.g. Make your event stand out in the calendar listings by not only having a live link, but a story about your event to attract the public.

A story goes on the website, then it will also be repeated on the newsletters. A simple expanded listing with a descriptive sentence is only $50 including the live link. Other options are expanded stories, event of the month for your state and sponsorship of a regional newsletter. Prices are all under $200 for a year. Please inquire.

My Google stats are impressive, bringing not only locals to your event but also a nationwide audience. PR firms find me and make inquiries also.

3. Ads on Our Website and Our Newsletter

There are several choices:

1. Place an ad for your event in the sidebar of the website where everyone can see it. Prices start at $50 a month.

2. Sponsor the newsletter, either one for your region only ($75 for a month), or all newsletters for a month: $200. In the last three months they reached over 80,000 people.

Please inquire about other options that suit your event.

4. Find New Artists for Your Fair with ArtFairCalendar.com

Printmaker Mary Mark & David Johnson

Your choices:

  • $45 – a link to your website and application on the ArtFairCalendar.com call for entries page
  • $165-$190 – a call for entries story in the newsletter, ($165 for once, $190 to do it twice-the second time when it is near your deadlineM

The $165-$190 choice includes:

  • the $45 linkT
  • the newsletter story reaching artist subscribers
  • publishing the story in the ArtFairInsider.com, our blogy
  • a live link to your website on the calendar and in all newsletters

This option easily pays for itself in additional jury fees from the new applicants. Pretty much a win-win situation, right?

I am here to discuss with you any options that will enable you to use the Internet to reach both your customers and the artists. Email me at: info@artfaircalendar.com, or call to discuss your needs: 517-278-7515.

Connie Mettler – the Publisher


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