Artist of the Month: James Parker, Photographer


Western Landscapes

And the Great Spirit Smiled

And the Great Spirit Smiled

Born in Rapid City, SD, both his grandfather and father wrangled horses, tourists and children on their dude ranch. Fast forward to today, a visit to Jim’s booth at an art fair and you see a good example of the old maxim “What should I write about?” with its meaningful answer:  “Write about what you know.” Receiving his first camera at the age of seven, Jim follows through on this good advice.

The eldest son of a Western historian, his images explore both the architectural artifacts and the geologic history of the American West. Sweeping panoramas, details of a western life long gone, exploring man’s impact on the continent and vice versa, you find a comprehensive body of work that expresses the inner life of the person behind the camera.

If you are interested in the lifestyle of art fair artists, this month’s featured artist, James Parker, has a engaging blog, “Life as an Itinerant Artist” documenting the comings and goings of the art fair life.

Learn more about Jim’s well integrated life, a life that combines his earliest sensate memories with the adventures of life on the road.

See more of Jim’s work and find him at an art fair near you:

Michiganders can see him at the end of the month at Arts, Beats & Eats in Pontiac, MI.


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