Letter from a Reader: Credit Card Processing Problems


Here is a letter I received last week:


I like your newsletter and enjoy reading it . I have been doing art fairs for 16 years and have recently decided to go with 1st National, the credit card company that you have on your site. It has been a very bad experience with them. I have had problems with the equipment and /or the service at every show that I have done. I just want you to know that you are promoting a very bad service and I went on your recommendation. Not that I think it is your fault…I know that they bought ad. But their service is terrible….just thought you should know. D.L.

I immediately contacted Michael DiGiovanni at 1st National Processing. I knew he would want to know about this. Here is his reply:

Wow. I find this very hard to believe. We always go above and beyond to provide superior service and support. In our industry we depend on a lot of 3rd parties to provide certain things. She may have gotten lost in customer service world. To avoid this i provide my cell phone number and email address as well as that of my vice president so if people ever feel like they hit a brick wall they have somewhere to turn.

Believe me we work very hard and spend a lot of money to get these clients if they are unhappy i want to know. These numbers are provided on a separate bold page in the front of my welcome kit. I have over 10000 clients and they all have my number and my partners. Please tell this lady to call me at 9173276012. I will look into this and try to call her tomorrow as well. Thanks for the info. Sorry.

Here is the conclusion that was reached that same day:


My office manager just got off the phone with this merchant. Turns out in the beginning she was frustrated with some basic operations of the machine. She was having trouble run cards, uploading them, and batching out the terminal. She actually inadvertently cleared out a batch from her machine which had to be keyed in.

Please keep in mind, the terminal was not malfunctioning, she was just new and this was a learning curve. FYI if it was a terminal malfunction we would have replaced it immediately. We do not play games and stand behind our equipment 100%. She became frustrated with the operations of the machine and despite multiple calls to our extremely thorough and patient tech department, and detailed verbal and written instructions she still felt uncomfortable unbeknownst to us.

She then started having battery issues because she had the false impression that her portable terminal would last the whole weekend on one charge of the battery. No terminal in the industry has that kind of battery life.

She also did not familiarize herself with the battery saver feature in the unit and the proper way to charge and discharge the battery prior to and after an event. This prolongs the life of the battery and ensures proper function. But because of her previous problems with learning how to use the unit, she did not call to address the battery problems she was experiencing. Instead she wrote to you about our horrible product and service.

Now that she has spoken to my office manager she seems to be comfortable. We, once again walked her through all of the functions of the machine while she had the instructions in front of her. She said she thoroughly understands. We also explained to her, in detail, the battery, its capabilities and proper usage. And we reiterated to her that we are absolutely her to help.

We stressed to her to call us on the weekends and/or after hours if need be until she feels comfortable. She knows that she has my cell phone number, my VP’s, my office manager and 2 of my in house tech guys. She said she understands and will call us if she needs help.

Just wanted to give you an update. Thanks for forwarding me that info so we could address it and help this merchant in distress.


Michael Di Giovanni
1st National Processing
40 Underhill Blvd Ste. 2G | Syosset, NY 11791
Tel: 516-921-9445 x11 | Fax: 516-921-9488
E: mike@1nbcard.com | Website: www.1nbcard.com


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9 Responses to “Letter from a Reader: Credit Card Processing Problems”

  1. Jim Says:

    Speaking of Credit Card Processing… just a word to the wise, if anyone out there has contemplated using a company called “North American Bancard” or “NAB” or any of the other names they use (located- main office Troy, Michigan)- google them first. We bought and paid for equipment and service – they took us hook, line and sinker. THEN, we googled them only to find out that it is there normal biz. They make their money on “selling you equipment” and services at non-existant rates, and then drain your bank accounts with phony charges. We found there are hundreds who have been victims of North American Bancard besides us that we could easily read about and the Attorney General(s) in a number of states, including Michigan have many complaints… just google before you give them ANY info. We found the service offered through COSTCO, to members who are in retail – the same company they use, is the best by far. For info, you can go on the Costco.com site and check them out (NOVA).. very straight shooters and the rates are the best we’ve seen.
    Good luck, Jim in Michigan

  2. Bill Kruser Says:

    Wow, now that is going the extra step for customer service. We all know that every person has a different learning curve and credit goes to Michael for putting out his personal cell phone number for people to reach him.

    That is SERVICE the way it use to be.

    Bill Kruser

  3. Terri Schwartz Says:

    I’ve been using the exact same credit card set up with absolutely NO problems! I read the instructions completely before use, did a couple minor practice transactions from my own card before the first show and have been doing very well with my machine.

    The biggest thing I do to ensure success is to turn off the machine between transactions to save the battery life, and I did the thing where you’re supposed to discharge the batter in the beginning.


  4. Jim Parker Says:

    I switched to 1NB, after months of research and talking to reps from different companies. I found Steve Ballan, the head sales rep at 1NB to be knowlegeable and passionate about serving the artisan community. I have had some frustrating problems with my machine, an Exadigm XD2000, even though it was touted as the most reliable and the most flexible (which it is, with swappable modem modules). I had connectivity issues at two shows (Cain Park and Crosby Gardens), in which the device simply would not connect reliably. At one show, I called the hotline on a Saturday and a Sunday and got connected to an Exadigm tech who was on his way to the beach. He had me reconfigure some settings, and was very patient, but it didn’t help much. At Cain Park, rain and the ravine setting caused intermittent connectivity. I called after the show and talked to a 1NB service tech who made one additional change to the device configuration, which seems to have solved the problem I was having. The machine worked reliably all four days at Ann Arbor.
    I went with 1NB because of the service aspect. Although there have been some startup glitches, they do bend over backwards to try to solve your problems, and their rates are competitive. I would still recommend them over my previous provider (Chase Paymentech) for rates and for service.

  5. Kathleen Smith & Steven Hedstrom Says:


    We have been more than satisfied with 1st N., & Steve Ballan is VERY helpful, & quite professional. We will continue with their company.


    Steve & Kathleen ~ Unique Reflections

  6. Terri Schwartz Says:

    One other observation…
    I’ve noticed that a lot of users trying to connect directly via cell phone connection rather than storing the sales and then uploading them later had problems with connectivity no matter what companies were their providers at more than just a few shows! I leave my little antenna on the side of my machine for ‘looks’ only, but just batch and upload at the end of the day via a landline… that seems to work EVERY time!

    Terri @ Clover Pottery

  7. Credit Card Processing Blog Says:

    Credit Card Processing Blog…

    Credit card processing is a must for any business. Business owners will lose market share to their competition if they do not accept credit cards. Merchant account will should generrate 30%-60% of sales, depending on the business type….

  8. ROBIN Says:

    I am about to change credit card processing companies. North American Bancard offered me a free machine and pin pad to use as long as I am their customer. They are offering a base rate of 1.59 and all the other fees seem the same as all other companies. Before I go ahead I would like to hear what you think. Thank you for your imput. I hate to get into bad situations. I am still reading all the fine print and understanding about 1/10 of it!!!!

  9. bbp Says:

    I too would like information on North American Bank, is anyone out there using them? Any problems?

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