Another Use for Craig’s List in Art Fair World


Hi Connie,

Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph, MI

Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph, MI

i want to share a recent adventure i had at the art in the square in madison and at ann arbor – i places a rather provocative ad on craigs list in the art section and got close to 50 responses in ann arbor and 10 in madison – anyway most of the responses were from art students or recent graduates – for both shows i had bright fresh young people around me – offering levity and fresh air in stark contrast to the normal doom and gloom view these days – in ann arbor i hired 2 girls one from 11 am to 2 the other from 5 to 8 – it was the best $60 i have ever spent – if you like i can email you some of there responses and even the thank you letters i received after woods – i just posted it again for gold coast and have gotten close to 20 responses in 24 hours –

Michael Solomon,

Ad in Artist Assistant / sales 8/2 and 8/3
Date: 2008-07-20, 6:39AM

Hi – I am an artist who makes beautiful mosaics and oxidized finishes, exhibiting at Art at the Glen.

i am looking for personable attractive person that lives near by to bring some levity to my booth during the art fair.

thanks michael –

Location: Glenview, IL
Compensation: $10 cash per hour

Here is another message from Michael, including one of the responses he received:

what i have gotten out of this an opportunity to have some refreshing affordable help and feel better about the future in art – best michael

Hi Michael,

My name is J—- L– and I am a student at the University of Michigan. Why I am a good sell:
I am an artist myself, I like art, I am rather entertaining and personable.

I have worked at the Whitney Museum of American Art leading tours and

dialogues with artists. So I am comfortable talking about art and have been trained to create conversations based on open ended questions. I have sales experience, working for companies like The Knot and The Gap.

I am punctual and reliable.
Pick me. – J.L.

Thanks, Michael, for sending me this innovative idea. We all know what it is to do an art fair when we are tired and are in the midst of a string of shows. How wonderful to have bright and shiny salespeople in your booth. Hopefully it added to your income and also it brightened your own participation. Smart thinking!


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2 Responses to “Another Use for Craig’s List in Art Fair World”

  1. Amy Says:

    So often I say to beaytiful girl who stops by my booth….”I wish you could hang around and try on my jewelry all day! The customers would love it and you look great in everything!” That is the smartest thing I have evr heard of…..Kudos Michael~

  2. ronald colvin Says:

    I just wanted to say, I,am glad that craig,s list worked for you. I posted some art for for sale and all I got was very rude comments about my art. I say for those people that have to bad mouth someone,s work and it cost me to lose sale,s. Art is to be your feelings of what you see, not for someone,s hate. We all have a different way to show our talent. I will not ever use craig,s list again!!

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