Police Presence Cancels Nude Photo Shoot at Art Fair


Here are five interesting articles I found about the Ann Arbor Art Fair:

1. Police Presence Cancels Nude Photo Shoot
WDIV – Detroit, MI, USA
A warning from police deterred people to take part in a scheduled nude photo shoot at the Ann Arbor Art Fair on Friday. Harvey Drouillard has taken nude …

Here is a series of interviews with artists that is informational if you’ve ever wondered how

Colette Fortin at Neptune Hot Glass
Colette Fortin at Neptune Hot Glass

the artists feel about the art fair:

2. Is it worth it? Artists weigh in on the Ann Arbor Art Fairs
The Ann Arbor News – MLive.com – Ann Arbor, MI, USA
The Guild Summer Art Fair, Booth D268. 1. It was $700 for the booth; $150 for gas and parking. We stay at home and bring our own food, so that helps. 2. …

Here is an essay around a single topic:

Dolls by Sharon Snoeyink

Dolls by Sharon Snoeyink

3. Art Fair Dolls
By Mae Travels (Mae Travels)
Many artists at the Ann Arbor Art Fair make dolls for collectors. Some dolls are more like statues, but many of them are soft dolls with clothing made of cloth. I think that lots of grown ups and also children really love dolls of all ….

I agree with Mae, especially the dolls of Sharon Snoeyink, they have a fairy tale quality with no detail unembellished.

4. What we bought at the Art Fair
By Mae Travels(Mae Travels)
Our Art Fair purchases included two ceramic items. We were very impressed by this booth of potter Adam Spector: We selected this plate: For several years, we’ve been very fond of the pottery made by Marvin Blackmore, who works in a …

I know the work of Marvin, absolutely gallery quality, every piece unusual and fine.

Here is a nice blog with good images, including chatter about my friend Kathleen Eaton and her paintings. It is a pleasure to report she told me all her large paintings had been sold before she even arrived at Ann Arbor.

5.  Ann Arbor Art Fair
By Minick & Simpson (Minick & Simpson)
Not the Art Fair itself, but what it does to our daily existence here. It screws it up plenty, that’s what it does – but it’s worth it. I spent this morning walking around and thought I could show you a couple of pictures. …

Were you at an art fair recently, or at Ann Arbor? What did you buy? I would love to hear your comments, nothing snarky though. Post them below.


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2 Responses to “Police Presence Cancels Nude Photo Shoot at Art Fair”

  1. Lisa Hooper Says:

    Hi Connie!
    I have almost recuperated from the staging of our 47th Wyadnotte Street Art Fair. People seemed to enjoy hte fair and we have collected over 400 survys we are entering about how folks enjoyed the fair.

    What we had no luck on was reaching our artists for a survey this year , so we are following up with a mailing next week they can replay by End of SEpt so we have a handle on how they fared well. We opend up the layout with the loss of the Wyandote Theatre so there is room to grow now, nad we had an adjacent Craft Fair growing nearby but seprately run by our Merchant Assocation. Hope you had a chance ot come around.

    Just thought I would share!

    Lisa Hooper,
    DDA Director and Wyandotte Street Art Fair

  2. Lisa Hooper Says:


    Sorry about hte typos. No tea yet this morning.


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