What is Art? Bet you’ll be surprised


Heading for an art fair? Don’t know what to buy? I mean, really, what is art? This important video answers all your questions:


One Response to “What is Art? Bet you’ll be surprised”

  1. ronald colvin Says:

    Hi, I missed my chance to get into the Ann Arbor this year. So I went on line and found a web site that lets you post your paintings, it,s cheap and it,s worldwide. We as artist are feeling the money pit, I see that the American people are having problem,s with finance in todays market. So it makes it hard for art lovers to spend their money. I pray for a good year and hope that we all can make money with our art. P.S. If anyone wants info on that worldwide website they can e-mail me and I will send them the info. Thanks and keep the paint flowing Ron.

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