The Good News from Michigan! Tidings of Beauty and Joy and Fun

Art fair buyers

Shopping the fair

The press and the public love the Ann Arbor Art Fair. If you can’t make it here are some of the stories about the event:

Here’s a cool place where you can share your art fair finds online. Have a tip about a cool artist you’ve discovered, a great deal at a sidewalk sale or a street-food vendor that’s not to be missed? Visit here at You can share photos too, an interactive art fair.

Haven’t decided whether or not to show up in Ann Arbor this week? This article from the Detroit Free Press: Ten Things Not to Miss at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, should help you decide or give you the opportunity to be up on the best of the art fair vicariously.

Want one of the funky choices? Some locals really get into the act. Here is an “artistic” yard sale to visit: Art Fair at Heavenly Metal, where you’ll find recycled metal, artwork and more.

And don’t miss The Funnel Cake Guy – my art fair story by Food Dude.

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