Were We in Kansas, Toto? Video from Chicago


This should be the last report on last weekend’s storms. I’m attaching a video from Chicago Tribune.com from the Evanston Fountain Square Art Fair to get an even better idea about the damage.

This spring we sold our display panels to Barbara Baur who was going out to start her art fair career this year. She has been through two terrible storms so far, including being trapped in her booth through the Evanston storm and having her booth collapse around her and the neighbor’s booth falling on top of her!! See comments in the previous story.

Nonetheless, she tells me the panels are ready to go to Madison (WI) soon and she is ready to “get back on the horse.”

Here’s the video from the Chicago Tribune: http://video.aol.com/video-detail/st…val/4211411604

A great title for a blog entry: Kansas at the Art Fair
By Nancy Heiser
“We played and involuntary game of the Wizard of Oz at the show in Cedarburg on Saturday. The wind took the booth and destroyed a lot of stuff. The tent tried to do a somersault and only made it 3/4ths of the way over before breaking …”St. Clair Art Fair

And here is something I always like to see, a good example of how to attend an art fair when it is raining.

At least nothing was blowing and breaking at the St. Clair Art Fair in St. Clair, MI. Find out what you missed: http://www.thetimesherald.com/apps

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One Response to “Were We in Kansas, Toto? Video from Chicago”

  1. karen cooper Says:

    Hi Connie,
    I was one of the Fountain Square people. My booth was on the north end of Sherman Street where there wasn’t much damage, but I happened to have one of those little ‘micro-locations’ opposite an alley, in front of a taller-than-the-rest-building. I use 45 lb weights on each corner and it drug all four plus the canopy out into the middle of the street. Amazingly the canopy didn’t roll. My propanels collapsed however, leaving all my paintings laying on the street as the rain started to dump. With the help of a couple of good samaritans, everything was quickly moved into the salon right behind me, and I’ve only got a few scuffed corners to touch up. If your booth has to ‘go down’, then I guess that’s the way to do it! šŸ™‚
    The show staff put out a newsletter the next morning to keep rumors from flying—confirmed injuries included two broken arms, a sprained ankle, and minor lacerations. An Evanston policewoman we were speaking with, reported seeing artwork flying four stories high. Pretty crazy stuff.
    Later, Cooper

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