Free Call-in Teleseminar-June 26: How Do I Get Started in the Art Fair Business?


Do you have questions about how to get started in the art fair business?

  • how do I find about the good art fairs?
  • how can I find an art fair that works for me, and is worth my time and money?
  • how do I put together a winning application?
  • how can I get in the good shows?
  • why am I getting so many rejections?
  • what can I do about that?
  • We are pleased to present you with this exciting opportunity to get some sound answers to these questions,

    • Thursday, June 26, 7 pm EST
    • we are hosting a fr*e call-in seminar, #2 in a series
    • discussing the theme of getting started in the art fair business

    As publishers of this newsletter we receive a steady stream of inquiries about how to succeed at the art fairs, and here’s your chance to get those questions answered, for fr*e!

    How To Participate:

    1. What it is: a 45 minute fr*e seminar, a conference call
    2. Who can participate: only subscribers to this newsletter
    3. When: Thursday, June 26, 7 pm EST
    4. How: respond to this email: for call in instructions
    • Email us with your questions. What question would you really like discussed?
    • We will take the best questions and Connie will answer them LIVE on the phone with you
    • Email us to register and submit a question to, OR you aren’t required to submit a guestion
    • preference will be given to the first people who email a question
    • Respond to this email to register your interest and receive the call in number. Do it now so that you receive the call-in number in advance and don’t miss a minute of the discussion.

    The call is not totally free, you must still pay your regular long distance charges to reach the call number.

    What Artists Said About Teleseminar I

    Just wanted to let you know I attended and found it to be time well spent. Please do it again soon.

    Thanks for the opportunity to hear from a professional.
    E. ShanleyGreat job! I enjoyed the teleseminar very much. Both of you did well, gave good information, and were interesting to listen to throughout the program. If you’re considering doing other programs, I’d love to hear one dedicated to photography.
    I make jewelry and I wanted to thank you for the teleseminar.

    I have been in business for 2 years and have found that getting into the shows is very competitive. From what I understand, jewelry and photography are the 2 most competitive fields for these shows.

    I would love to hear more category specific teleseminars. For me, one on jewelry would be great!

    Angie Dresie

    Teleseminar I: 17 Secrets for Success at Art Fairs is still available as an e-book. Visit and click on the link in the upper right hand corner.

    Who is Connie Mettler?

    In addition to publishing this newsletter and its partners the website and the blog, The Art Fair Insider, Connie has traveled the roads of the U.S. for twenty + years with her artist partner, photographer Norm Darwish, doing art fairs. Additionally, she has started art fairs, consulted with art fairs and been art director of others. Her expertise is sure to be helpful to you.

    I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday.


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    One Response to “Free Call-in Teleseminar-June 26: How Do I Get Started in the Art Fair Business?”

    1. Fran Mangino Says:

      I am interested in finding a low interest, low monthly rate merchant charge card compnay to work with me. Also, I would be interested in wireless charge card machine. I have put my charges through paypal and that ended up being really expensive last year. is ther any advice from artist on the outdoor art circuit? I have been doing shows since 1990 and only started with charges 6 years ago. Now, I need advice. Thank you

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