Classifieds: Credit Card Machine, Help Wanted


1. Gently used credit card machine for sale:

Hi Connie, We are selling a gently used credit card machine that is perfect for art fair vendors. We know first hand! We’ve upgraded to a wireless terminal, but for vendors still using a knuckle buster machine this might make a lot of sense. We’re only asking $75 for the terminal; it’s more about finding a new home for the machine versus throwing it out. Any chance you would know someone interested in a terminal or would be interested in distributing this notice?

Here is our listing on craigslist:
Thanks, Ali

2. Help Wanted

Hi Guys, I am looking for a summer show assistant. There would be some travel …to Michigan.
Go to: for the show dates… a few extra days will be added for travel.
A high school or college student would be great… think of any who would be interested!
Please call…847-329-9535 for more info…

Barb lives in Skokie, IL, so I’m imagining she’d like someone from near there, but don’t hesitate to call her if you are interested.


One Response to “Classifieds: Credit Card Machine, Help Wanted”

  1. Barbara Sucherman Says:

    Thanks, Connie
    I hope this works!

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