Eight Fine Art Fairs for Your Weekend: From NY to WA


Barefoot in the Gallery

1. Boardwalk Art Show coming to Virginia Beach this weekend
Daily Press – Newport News,VA,USA
… “Southern Farm Painting,” will be among more than 300 artists exhibiting their work Thursday-Sunday at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Show & Festival. …

While there be sure to visit Karen Kinser‘s booth (#2616 at 26th Street and Atlantic) to see: “My new oils are on linen and panel . . . and most are much larger
than I have worked in the past. Women still remain my subject matter . . .
and “quiet, peaceful and expressive” continue to be my mantra.

Sonny Dalton

2. If you’re going to attend just one major art fair in Indianapolis, this is probably the one to go to — mostly because this one’s free. Talbot Street Art Fair is held on Talbot Street (natch) between 16th Street and 19th Streets. …More info: http://winecanine.com/2008/06/things-to-do-614-615.html

3. Wow! I am pretty amazed to see an outdoor event coming up soon in Florida. Eight of the original Florida Highwaymen – African-American artists who first gained recognition in the 1950s and ’60s- will be at The Antique Auction and Highwaymen Art Show Saturday in St. Augustine will be exhibiting and selling their work June 14. For more info: http://www.jacksonville.com/tu-online/stories/060608/lif_286283147.shtml

4. Coming up at the Three Rivers Festival in Pittsburgh the next two weekends – where there is always something special and new the art will be really coming out of the box:Birmingham Art Fair http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/living/events/

5. The Edmonds (WA) Arts Festival kicks off June 13. The 51st annual festival is one of Washington state’s largest, oldest. It opens this Father’s Day weekend for a three-day run June 13 through 15 at the Frances Anderson Center in Edmonds. Chosen by professional jurors from a field of more than 600 applicants, some 200 artists will display their works on the grassy field east of the Anderson Center. To find out more: http://www.enterprisenewspapers.com/article/2008060

6. Don’t forget about heading off to Buffalo: This weekend is that special time in June where Allentown closes its streets and opens its arms to thousands of people, and Father’s Day might just have to take a back seat to the Allentown Art Festival, the area’s most prominent art festival. Read more: http://www.niagara-gazette.com/nightandday/

7. Queers bearing gifts – the Queer Arts Festival – June 1-30 in New York City
Denison tiles at Flint Art Fair Just in time for Pride month, the Queer Cultural Center brings us literally dozens of small and large performance, art, and performance art gems in the form of the 2008 Queer Arts Festival. Already underway, exhibitions and performances …

8. Flint Art Fair – Celebrating 41 years on Saturday and Sunday on the grounds of the Flint Art Museum. What to know what’s new this year? Visit this link from the Flint Journal.


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