Art 101: Art Buying Boot Camp


Here is a story to warm an artist’s heart. An art collector taking his friends through the plethora of art fairs throughout Chicago and lending a hand. Really, if you don’t like the birdhouses (or if you do) there is a wonderful array of other choices. The lesson is: don’t hesitate when you fall in love.

Michigan art fair

Digital art by Royal Oak artist, Donna Geissler

“If you like something you see, buy it,” he said. That was Tip No. 1. Last weekend, Mittelstead, who is a lawyer and art collector, led an Art Buying Boot Camp with Jannotta through the 57th Street Art Fair. With art fair season in bloom, their tips apply to nearly any fair you happen across—from the Old Town Art Fair (Saturday and Sunday)…here is a great article about buying art at art fairs:

Chicago Art FairYou might enjoy reading this comprehensive blog about the art fair life, The Extraordinary Pencil. Artists have quite a time preparing for art shows, especially when the weekend’s weather is threatening.

Here is a great look at an artist getting set to do an art fair (in this case the Hinsdale, IL, fair) view Marsha Robinett’s blog, complete with photos on “how to pack your van for an art fair.” Newbies, study this hard.

Often patrons ask artists what they will do when it rains. Be assured, they are prepared. It is just part of doing business on the streets of America.

My friend, Larry Humphrey, bringing fine photography to a city near you.


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