Take Action: Don’t Let Congress Orphan Your Work


This is a second posting for this action in Congress. Do not hesitate take action on it now!

Do not let Congress take away your right to the copyright for your work. Here is what to do:

We’ve set up an online site for visual artists to e-mail their Senators and Representatives with one click. This site is open to professional artists, photographers and any member of the image-making public.

We’ve provided sample letters from individuals representing different sectors of the visual arts.

If you’re opposed to the Orphan Works act, this site is yours to use.

For international artists and our colleagues overseas, we’ve provided a special link, with a sample letter and instructions as to whom to write.

Two minutes is all it takes to write Congress and protect your copyright:


Please forward this message to every artist you know.

If you received our mail as a forwarded message, and wish to be added to our mailing list, email us at: illustratorspartnership@cnymail.com
Place “Add Name” in the subject line, and provide your name and the email address you want used in the message area.


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2 Responses to “Take Action: Don’t Let Congress Orphan Your Work”

  1. Links - June 13, 2008 « Photo Notes: Photography by Patty Hankins and Bill Lawrence Says:

    […] Art Fair Insider has information and links so you can take action on Orphan Works. […]

  2. A. Rosen Says:

    Please don’t let Congress change the copywrite laws that protect artist’s rights to their work.

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