The Art Fair Report: Weekend of June 6-8 in MI, IA, PA, etc.


Last weekend, June 6 to 8, was a pretty wild one in many places. We had thought the previous high winds in St. Louis at Laumeier Park in May

Dolan Geiman's booth in St. Louis art fair

and the extreme hail in Minneapolis at the Edina Art Fair would put to rest the rest of the season for good weather.

Edina Art Fair

Let’s think about that again!

Here’s a description by photographer Peter Cohen of his experiences at the 57th Street Art Fair in Chicago: The light late rain on Saturday dampened the activity in the last hour but would not have stopped dedicted buyers. Sunday was pretty amazing. The thunderstorm rolled in about 12:30PM and drenched the show with a deluge of heavy rain, lightning and thunder for an hour and a half.

My side of the street was backed up to the curb line so I also has a foot wide river of water flowing through the back of the booth. Some areas in the school yard did get flooded out and a few artists left early because of that. The winds were in the 10-15mph range all weekend and were welcome for relief from the heat.

Peter gives great credit to the determined urban shoppers at 57th Street who just ducked away from the rain and came back with a vengeance to finish their shopping. I knew there was a reason I always loved the Chicago shows.

And here’s a quote from Oscar Linares: The area was hit both days with TORNADO. The water rise up 6 inches and due the angle of the street water cover 9 feet of my space. The rain was to hard on the sewer system. Both of these quotes are from the Yahoo Art Show Photo Group Forum.

The Kalamazoo Art Institute always presents a fine art fair the first Saturday of June where we usually exhibited. Missed it this year and look what happened:

Kalamazoo Art Fair

There is a full report from photographer Lou Zale about this storm at:

This is a very cool blog that might also be of interest to you.

A tragedy occurred on the way to the Three Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburgh when artist Yandon Wang, 55, missed his exit from the Parkway East into Downtown and continued to the North Side and collided head on with another car, killing the other person. Read this story at:

Even more bad news at Pittsburgh: PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― Thieves made off with several thousand dollars worth of art taken from a booth at the Arts Festival. A couple from Montreal who have …

For a lighter take on the Three Rivers Festival, read Three Rivers Festival Takes the Cake.

Meanwhile, out in Anamosa, IA, the Grant Wood Arts Festival carried on despite the rain. “Pulling a wagon into place in a steady rain Sunday morning, Greg Hutchinson, 56, a volunteer for Anamosa’s Grant Wood Arts Festival, joked that the downpour made things feel more authentic,” said Hutchinson. See

I enjoyed reading the report by Cloud9Design about the Best Little Art Show in Texas also held last weekend. In addition to her upbeat report there is a good list of indie links about other art happenings on her blog:


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