Art Fair News – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


I have just returned from an eye-opening trip to China. Among all the intriguing sites we saw quite a bit of art, including some traditional media that have been beginning to appear at art fairs in recent years, especially embroidery and wood carving from burls and roots. It was helpful to see this work in its own milieu and helped me to understand it.

It has been some time since I have posted here. Here is a quick update on a bunch of events of the last few weeks, so here is the GOOD:

1. Hi Connie,

Just a little note, so far this year we have been doing really well and most shows have had good attendance. We did and art fair in Ada, MI, last Saturday and it was fantastic, the weather was perfect. We were right behind the storm that was tracking into S. East Michigan and we saw a double rainbow for almost 2 hours as we drove into Detroit!!!

Linda & Joe Ignaczak
Authentic Creations
Hamtramck, MI

2. Interested in more information about the popular Belleville, IL, Art on the Square? Visit this link in the St. Clair Journal to hear a local take. You can also find the prizewinners listed there.

3. Here is a good report on IndianapolisBroad Ripple Art Fair in case you have never visited it and are interested in making plans to attend it next year. It is from a visitor’s point-of-view, Mu-Yin, a jeweler, scoping it out for applying next year.

4. Did you attend the Paradise City Art Festival in Northamption, MA? Read more about it in The Republican, and see what the locals thought of it.

5. There was a good report from the Lafayette, IN, Round the Fountain Art Festival, (one of my all-time favorites) from Pat and Jon Hecker. Congratulations on the blue ribbon, Pat and John.

The BAD:

6. High winds and golf ball size hail brought a challenging time to artists exhibiting last weekend at the Edina Art Fair in Minneapolis. Read the gruesome details at the St. Paul-Minneapolis Star Tribune’s website.


Want to hear more? Here is artist Christina Hankins‘ story of survival and art fair fun with some startling photographs.

Amazingly, all seemed to be back to normal on Sunday as evidenced by reporter, Art Barron’s, story on the news. Visit this link for more about the Edina Art Fair and some artist interviews.


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3 Responses to “Art Fair News – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”

  1. Dana Says:


    Thanks for your comment on the Mich Fit blog! Your site is great, thank you for sharing it! I hope Mich Fit readers check the comments for that little treasure.

  2. teddy brandon Says:

    i am new to your site and will have a site soon its good to see where all the shows are and where they are going to be

    thanks again, your new subscriber
    teddy brandon(female)

  3. Debra Lee Says:

    I am experiencing horrific weather at all the art fairs I have attended this year and just had to miss another one (Hinsdale, IL) because major roadways were closed due to massive flooding, Wisconsin.

    I am looking for Wisconsin art fairs weekends of September 13 and 27th if anyone knows of good ones I could appy to. Also need to try to recoup all my losses so far and want to add more fairs in October, (18 and 25th weekends) if anyone knows of some worth entering in Wisconsin, IL or Iowa. How about November? Also thinking about doing Florida this winter if I could arrange reasonble place to stay for 3 or 4 weeks and art fairs in the surrounding area. It’s been a tough season (and expensive) for me so far!

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