Reader says, “Help, I’m Looking For a Jeweler”


David Smallcombe jewelrySince I posted this question in Sunday’s newsletter I’ve gotten some good answers.

Hi Connie,

I am looking for this fabulous goldsmith, Giffen Douglas? I just came back from the Sunfest -WPB, and met another goldsmith whose work was similar, but not close he said he new of Giffen and he was at this show. anyway to contact him? I saw his work almost 3 years ago at Cocoa Beach, and could kick my self for not buying this ring. I would love to contact him & find out what show he will be at next, or contact him about making me something or seeing what he has. Please help me.
Julie Taylor

Thanks, Lisa Infantes, for this reply:

I googled the name and found this contact #

Giffen Douglas Designs, Main & Highland Ave, Stowee
Tel. 802-253-5000 Open Thurs-Fri eves., Sat afternoon, & by appt. Fine Art Jewelry Gallery

And here is another answer:

Hi Connie,

Giffen used to belong to the Vermont Handcrafters but I didn’t see him at the annual show this past november. The person looking for him might want to contact VHC and see if they have a forwarding address.

Good luck!
lisa cutler

two son jewelry

Thanks to both Lisas for this info. Julie, I hope you find Giffen!


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