“How Do I Find My Niche at an Art Fair?”


I am going to be out of the country for the next couple of weeks and hoping that some of the artists in this group can answer Julie’s question below.

Birmingham, Michigan, Art Fair

Hi Connie,

After finding your niche in the art fair world, do you have any tips for getting accepted by juries. I think my work is very good, but many local art fairs are not accepting my work. I can’t travel yet–the overhead is too much for that now.

Thank you for any guidance.

As many of you know, Julie is posing a universal question that artists wrestle with throughout their careers. I know you have many good answers for her. Would you help her out by posting your good advice in the comments section below?


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2 Responses to ““How Do I Find My Niche at an Art Fair?””

  1. don crozier Says:

    Have you shown your slides to your artist friends and gotten their comments? Please don’t make the mistake of so many beginning artists and assuming that the quality of the jury slides is secondary to the quality of the work. If anything, the sad truth is that it is the other way around. Great slides and marginal work will at least get you into a show. If your work won’t stand up, you may not be invited back, though.

    Best advice- hire a professional to make your slides and don’t assume that, just because they are sharply focused, they are good slides.

    Good luck!


  2. schimmelart Says:

    One thing I’ve experienced since Zapplication came around… artists are applying for everything – everywhere – and the number of applications per show is astounding.
    I believe some shows are looking for work they know will be popular, or will sell… but the juries do change…?!
    It depends on your medium and how many other artists/crafters are applying in the same category.

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