Artist of the Month: Steve Uren – Woodworker


Steve Uren - HutchNorthwoods Rustic Creations

Steve Uren’s work is a natural outgrowth of his love for the woods in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A lifetime fisherman and woodworker, his original North Woods “lodge” rustic furniture has evolved into sophisticated pieces that are made for a contemporary setting.

He purchases his wood locally, in the Upper Peninsula, whenever it is feasible and economically sound to do so. The wood comes primarily from a local lumber mill that is a certified “green” harvester, because, as he says, “They utilize sustainable harvesting practices which is incredibly important to us – this is our home and our woods that should be here for generations to come.”

Steve is always happy to incorporate a search for wood into a fishing trip to one of the many streams or lakes in the area. Some past customers have asked that we salvage wood from their property to build a piece of furniture for them.

Read more about Steve and his work at:



One Response to “Artist of the Month: Steve Uren – Woodworker”

  1. Richard Says:

    Steve has terrific work. He gets it. Some of the pieces I have seen of his are extraordinary.

    One of my favorite new artists, well new to me at least.

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