Popular Event; Low Booth Fee – A Winner For You?


Centerville, OH

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity
to show and sell your art at a discounted rate.
July 4, 2008.

“Art with Attitude” wants support local artists (emerging and accomplished) by encouraging you to “come out of the basement” and sell your work in a professional venue at a significantly reduced booth fee of only $50.00. The jury has agreed to also support this show by waiving their jury fee. This offer is good for the 2008 show only. All fees go up in 2009. Booth space has been made available to those that do not have a tent or want to partner with another artist.

Deadline Extended

Due to the increasing number of applicants, we’ve opened up extra space within Benham’s Grove to accommodate this demand and have extended the deadline to Wednesday, May 28.

Not sure where to start?

But you want to promote your art and get your name out to the public? Americana Festival has over 75,000 visitors each year. For set up help see the attached slide show.

You may also email or call Christine Allen, chair of “Art with Attitude” with any questions, concerns, or comments

If you cannot participate this year but want to support the arts in our community, you may pledge your donation by calling the Americana Festival office at (937) 433-5898 or mail donations to : Americana Festival, Inc., P.O. Box 41794, Centerville, Ohio 45441-0794. The art community thanks you in advance for your support.


Christine Allen
Americana Festival
“Art with Attitude”
(937) 434-4252
(937) 232-3763


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