Learn How to Create Better Paintings with Peggy Brown


Painting by Peggy BrownYou know how it is when you hear from an old friend. Us old art fair folks have lots of friends who have retired or go on to do other things, so I was very pleased to hear from painter Peggy Brown last week. I’m sure a lot of you remember her and her husband, Jim, one of the original art fair couples.

Over the years we had lots of fun together traveling across the country to art fairs and rendezvous on the interstate in Missouri and Tennessee and we’d celebrate Peggy’s birthday at the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival.

Recently Peggy was interviewed for an article and it was featured on this very cool website: www.createbetterpaintings.com, and she wrote to send me the link. Not only was it great to see her newest work, but also the web site was very intriguing. It is a subscription-based site for painters of all levels are striving to improve their work. There are step-by-step stories on how painters do their paintings, tutorials, and many great ideas for learning and networking.

The webmaster agreed to let me share the login information for free for the month of May. This is a very impressive business and a wonderful resource for artists.

Here is the information:Peggy Brown
1. Start by going to www.createbetterpaintings.com
2. Click on the Member Log-in link in the lower left-hand corner
3. On the Member Log-in page, input this e-mail address: may@createbetterpaintings.com
4. Input this password: mayguests (all one word, no caps)
5. Click the Login button
6. At the top of the new page, click the link Go To Website Home Page
7. Back on the home page, please click any link to any article of your choice

If you experience any difficulty logging in to the site, please contact the editor, Jennifer King, at editor@createbetterpaintings.com. Please do not request a new password, as this will re-set the password and lock out all other guests.

And, if you’d like to see more of Peggy’s work or send her a greeting visit her site: www.peggybrownart.com



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