17 Secrets to Success at Art Fairs – Volume I


telephoneDid you miss the recent ArtFairCalendar.com’s teleseminar? This is your opportunity to own a transcript of the conversation, 23 pages on 17 topics submitted by artists. Read the helpful insights addressed by industry leader by ArtFairCalendar.com’s publisher, Connie Mettler.

In late March we held our first teleseminar where I answered questions from my subscribers about art fairs. We recorded the session and it is now available as an e-book on the ArtFairCalendar.com web site for purchase –only $8.95.

Click here right now to purchase the brand new e-book “Teleseminar I – Secrets to Success in the Art Fair Business.” Look for the “Buy Now” button on the right sidebar.

Some of the topics addressed:

* getting started at art fairs
* finding and entering shows
* choosing a media
* jurying tips
* what sells and where
* pricing your art
* inventory
* choosing an art fair to apply to
* selling at the fair
* marketing

Here is what some of the participants had to say:

Just wanted to let you know I attended and found it to be time well spent. Please do it again soon. Mary

Good Morning, This is great!! Thanks for the opportunity to hear from a professional. E. Shanley

Hi Connie,
Good informative call for the beginning Art Fair exhibitor, and you used my question about pricing. Your networking point for obtaining information is very true, Artists are more than willing to share show information and offer suggestions as to what shows would be good for your work.

Hey Connie,

Great job! I enjoyed the teleseminar very much… Both of you did well, gave good information, and were interesting to listen to throughout the program. If you’re considering doing other programs, I’d love to hear one dedicated to photography.

Thanks for including me! Carole

Hi Connie,

I make jewelry and I wanted to thank you for the teleseminar.

The best resource information that you gave me was for the PMA craft show. I went to their website and looked at the slide images and that helped me to see where the bar is set for jewelry slides in an art show submittals.

I have been in business for 2 years and have found that getting into the shows is very competitive. From what I understand, jewelry and photography are the 2 most competitive fields for these shows.

I would love to hear more category specific teleseminars. For me, one on jewelry would be great!
Angie Dresie

Thanks – it was a very helpful seminar.
I’d prefer seminars with a general selection of questions. I’m at a place where I feel I still need to know something about everything, rather than dig too deep into one subject.
Paul Messink

Buy it now at ArtFairCalendar.com.


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