Two Posts in One: NAIA Survey of Art Fair Trends & Art City Austin


1. The NAIA (National Assn. of Independent Artists) is a strong advocate for artists rights and improving relationships of artists with the art fairs. In 2007 they put together a survey: 2007: Trends Among Artists: The Changing Artistic Landscape. 550 artists participated in the survey. It is a great read if you are interested in the future of art fairs.

In examining the data the following three major trends were seen to emerge:

  • Vanishing Resource #1: The Artist/Craftsperson
  • Vanishing Resource #2: The Customer Interest in American Art & Craft
  • A Trend Back to Exhibiting in Local Shows

Read the complete survey results at this link:

While you are reading the survey look over the rest of the NAIA site and consider joining the organization.

2.  Where the artists were this past weekend: Art City Austin
The Austin Arts Festival has reinvented itself into a city-wide arts celebration (ArtWeekAustin) with terrific PR and big backers that is held all week during the second week of April and culminates in Art City Austin. If you are looking for a show to participate in in 2009 take a look at their site and see if this is the league you want to play in. Texas is beautiful in April.


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