Art Fair News: Catherine McClung, Howard Alan & More


1. Perhaps you have met artist Catherine McClung at an art fair. That is quite likely if you live in Michigan. Even if you haven’t met her you probably have seen her work. Her fine wildlifewildlife painting paintings have been licensed to Lenox china, she has been featured on HGTV, illustrated a children’s book and continues to paint daily.

There was a lengthy article about her this weekend in the Grand Rapids (MI) Press. It tells a familiar story about an artist finding her way one brush stroke at a time. Visit her website: Catherine, and do visit her this summer at the Ann Arbor art fair.

2. There was extensive article about art fair promoter, Howard Alan, this weekend in the Sarasota Herald Tribune. The reporter, Bill Hutchinson, spent a long time talking with Howard and the artists’ forums this weekend have been burning up discussing it.

One of the favorite quotes from the article:

“Artists are very needy people when it comes to business,” he says. “Their left lobes don’t work so good.

“And thank God for that, because that’s where I come in.”

Howard is an enterprising man and his festivals have enabled many artists to establish and continue their careers. Read the article for another view of the art fair business, from the standpoint of a promoter.

As always we are interested in your comments on the article and any other info you want to share with the artist community. Post your comments below.

3. I just discovered this excellent blog about being an artist and planning to begin to exhibit at art fairs: The Extraordinary Pencil where you will find the musings of artist Marcia Robinett.


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