Edna Hibel Fine Art Fair: April 5 & 6


Edna HibelHibel Museum of Art
Across from the Roger Dean Stadium
Jupiter, FL

I am shamelessly copying here the following information by Karen Knapstein in the Antique Trader Blog:

“Returning from New York City only a week after being designated a National Women’s History Month 2008 Honoree, Edna Hibel will greet her many followers and other members of the public at the Edna Hibel Fine Art Fair.

In addition to greeting Edna Hibel and viewing her renowned art, the public will be able to see educational exhibitions featuring the complex art of stone lithography, and the complicated work of putting together an art book.

Edna Hibel, 91, has been painting for over 80 years. She is the only American woman to win the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts. Her paintings, lithographs, serigraphs, and sculptures have been exhibited in more than 20 countries spanning four continents in prestigious institutions, including six national museums.

Admission to the Edna Hibel Fine Art Fair is free, as is valet parking. Directions and other information may be obtained by contacting the Hibel Museum of Art at (561) 622-5560. “

Hibel’s romantic paintings have been reproduced on just about any conceivable consumer product, yet retain their freshness and capture the better side of contemporary life.

Pretty amazing that she is still painting. If you are intrigued as to how this older woman lives this artful life I know you will enjoy visiting this link:

A lifetime of art: Edna Hibel welcomes the opportunity to connect with her devotees.

Visit the Hibel Museum of Art site for more info.


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