South x Southwest Music & Film Festival in Austin


This is not so much about an art festival, but really wished I could have been in Austin, March 7-16 for this festival, famed for its ambiance: great film and music.

Why am I bringing it to your attention? I came across this blog (Texas Oasis) and was intrigued by the author’s adventures and her description of a magical place:

“Then we went over to The Enchanted Forest where they were have a music party and an art fair. We had seen only the edge of this place before, where DaVine Foods is, and maybe a little beyond. We were stunned at how large and beautiful that place was back behind the gates.

I would describe it on this day as if Elrond had decided to locate Rivendell in the heart of South Austin and construct it from found objects — and Vilya, his Ring of Power, could not have conjured up any better weather! Also, it’s hard to imagine a LESS-corporate event than this one. Such a relief. Do check out more of these on the photobucket link above. You’re not in Kansas anymore.”

You really need to visit that photo link. This is a whole other Art World, large installations of whimsy. Now I am thinking I need to visit this festival next year. Thanks, Blueberry, for this post.


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