An Art Car Visits Last Weekend’s Snowstorm in Columbus, OH


Interested in the vagaries of the art life? Here is a fun posting at Jamie Rhein’s Gadling blog:

Yes, I hear you saying you are glad you weren’t there. What are you doing in Florida when you can be in the midst of these freak snow storms?

Yes, that is a car and I believe Jamie says it has a pig snout. The world of art cars is wild and wacky and probably another one of those things about which you can say “only in America.”

Learn more about art cars at this site:

and this one too:



2 Responses to “An Art Car Visits Last Weekend’s Snowstorm in Columbus, OH”

  1. Greg Phelps Says:

    Oscar Meyer wouldn’t still be driving the Weiner Mobile around after 75+ years if it didn’t sell hotdogs…..artists should take note. More artists should consider creating an artcar to promote their participation at a show before the patron walks through the gate. Thanks for the posting.

  2. Constance Mettler Says:

    A great idea, Greg. Many years ago potter Jerry Berta showed up at an art fair in Birmingham, MI, with his van converted to a replica of Rosie’s Diner, a diner that he used as a studio. He turned heads everywhere and advertised himself throughout the country. It was fun seeing him on the interstate. He really stood out.

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