Free Art Fair Teleseminar – Call-In March 13, 3 pm EST


Do you have questions about the business of art fairs?

  • how do I find out about the good art fairs?
  • what is a good market for my media?
  • what sells at art fairs?
  • how can I get in the good shows?
  • what kind of inventory do I need?
  • why am I getting rejected from shows?
  • why is there such a range of booth fees?
  • how do I get started in this business?
  • how can I get my work displayed?
  • We are pleased to present you with this exciting opportunity to get some great answers to your art fair questions:

  • Thursday, March 13, 3 pm EST
  • we are hosting a call-in seminar
  • discussing the art fair business
  • How to Participate:

    1. What it is: a 45 minute fr*e seminar, a conference call
    2. Who can participate: only subscribers to this newsletter
    3. When: Thursday, March 13, 3 pm EST
    4. How: respond to this email: for call in instructions

  • Email us with your questions. What question would you really like discussed?
  • We will take the best questions and Connie will answer them LIVE on the phone with you
  • Email us to register and submit a question to, OR you can just register – you aren’t required to submit a question
  • preference will be given to first people who email a question
  • Respond to this email to register your interest and receive the call in Number. Please respond now so that you receive the call-in number in advance and don’t miss a minute of the discussion.
  • This is not totally free, you will still have to pay your normal long distance charges to reach the call-in number.

    Please join us on Thursday!



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