What’s Next After Art Shows? or ZAPPed again!


hello again daro-pohl.jpg

so how about an ongoing column:
called whats next
or life after art or as a side adventure

i mean i love doing art shows
the other exhibitors are all like family
but unfortunately i have not been making enough money
and have not been getting into shows with any

the job search has begun

i have concluded i have 3 job skills from driving in
circles around the u s of a

i can become a truck driver or a taxi driver

or a salesperson – i mean what is rejection in
contrast to the slide or zapp rejection or the
indifference shown by non customers

or i can do the trade job with my mosaic skills and
become a tile installer

i have now been on 3 job interviews – lessons so far
are: answer the questions asked only – don;t ramble –
visit the companies website before you go on the
interview so you can tell them why you want to work
for them

have found a sight called indeed.com that lists jobs
from any job search engine – and craigslist lists odd
jobs – like the one i am going to tonight for a tour
guide in NYC – it pays $20 hour – i have to take a 150
question test on knowledge of NYC before i can have
the privilege of performing on a double Decker bus

oh yeah and since i came to terms with moving on from
the art shows – i got into 2 prominent shows –

Michael S.

To read Michael’s earlier posts visit this link: https://artfaircalendar.wordpress.com/2008/02/28

(photo above is not Michael, but leather worker Daro Pohl of Columbus, OH)



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