Featured Artist – Ted Gall, Sculpture


http://tgall.comThis month’s featured artist is one of the most respected artists in the art fair business.

Ted Gall has been exhibiting his sculpture for over 30 years. Early on he exhibited monumental bronze sculptures, but over the years he has moved to also creating hand-held pieces with moving parts and fine scale details. Seemingly unaffected by what the economy is (or is not) doing Ted continues to create and prosper.

Although the work is thoughtful and serious, Ted himself is energetic and fun-filled. The darkness of the work is the shadow side of its creator.

Ted Gall studied art at the school of hard knocks and strong welds. Growing up in inner-city Chicago, he had few creative role models. His father was a truck driver and his mother a homemaker. Both had left school after the third grade. But when their son displayed an early, prodigious talent for drawing and composition, they were delighted.

At 11 he was the youngest student at the Saturday drawing class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fast forward to today, passing through phases as an animator, graphic designer and other less creative endeavors, Ted has emerged as a well-known sculptor, a master of both welded and cast work. His contemporary, representational pieces adorn parks, corporations and private collections. The work can be found at a few select art fairs and galleries.

Ted’s work has found ready collectors, ranging from major public collections such as MacDonald’s to the private collections of President Jimmy Carter and people like you and me who have encountered Ted at an art fair.

Let me warn you. Ted, like many others who have participated in art fairs for a long time, will possibly not be at the fairs much longer. When you see him don’t pass on the opportunity to own one of his fine pieces.

Learn more about Ted and his work at: ArtFairCalendar.com/Featuredartist


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