Letter From a Reader: No More Art Fairs For Me


Feb. 14

Hello Connie, I did Artigras for 2 years and was quite disappointed – this year i stayed with the Howard Alan schedule and chose this as my coconut grove alternative. Sarasota is far enough away from miami to have a completely different mindset. Its a 2 day show vs the artigras 3 day adventure – i would be happy to reply back with my opinion. As for Artigras it was more of a family festival than an environment for people to invest in art. Thats not to say that people weren’t selling, i was personally disappointed and chose not to apply this year- michael s.

Feb. 20

Hey Michael,

How did things go in Sarasota? I heard nothing but bad news from the
Grove, St. Stephens and Arti Gras.

But interestingly, on Monday I received a phone call from Darrin Alan
and he said Sarasota was good. What was your take? – Connie

Feb. 22

Hi Connie, here goes
the crowds were strong – my impression of the buyers were that they were conservative and older – i personally had limited interest and zero sales
-artists on both sides of me made a few thousand dollars – of my peers those with safe (non urban edgy work) fared better

i did the st armands circle show in january and sold to people on vacation – this was a more local crowd – they were pleasant

later that day:

one more thing this coming weekend in Hyde Park, FL will be my last
for a while. i have been doing shows for just over 10 years this year i have been rejected from everything. I have tried different images and diferent categories frankly can not figure it out – But as Cate Fraser from Bethesda put it – the judges have spoken – so i am accepting it and looking for a job.

i have gotten past the anger and have even come to the point of admitting that its the life style i’ll miss more than the income – last spring i only made money at the bethesda art festival and mainsail in St Pete, FL

just relaunched my website -reflectiveart.com plan to focus on in- house consultations and pound the pavement in Manhattan looking for projects

Best Michael


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