What Are You Doing This Weekend?


KalamazooOn Saturday I took my own advice and attended an art fair. At this time of the year such entertainments are few and far between here in the frozen North. Along with some friends we went to the Garage Sale Art Fair in Kalamazoo at the fairgrounds.

Artists Bonnie Blandford and Michael Kifer organize this event every year and it accomplishes several objectives:

  • enables artists to clean our their ateliers from overstock, seconds, etc.
  • puts some money into their empty winter coffers
  • gives you a chance to own some very cool art at lower than wholesale prices
  • partly alleviates your art fair craving for the best shopping left in America

What we found:Art Fair Garage Sale

  • great prices
  • huge crowds
  • great shopping
  • many happy people on both sides of the cash register
  • lots of exciting commercial energy in the dead of winter

Garage Sale Art FairIf you live anywhere nearby be sure to put it on your calendar for next year. It is always held on the last Saturday of February.

For me personally it was great to see old friends Pat and Jon Hecker, Jim Reinert, Nancy Schieferstein, Brad Cross and Earl James, and to meet with Paula and Charlie Shoulders who recently linked to my website.

To read an artist’s perspective on participating in the Garage Sale visit Holly Olinger’s blog. Holly, who lives in Charlottesville, VA, made the trek to join us for the weekend in Michigan.


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One Response to “What Are You Doing This Weekend?”

  1. last minute lynn Says:

    The Artist’s Garage Sale in Kalamazoo is my favorite event ! There are so many interesting things for sale, fun bargaining with the artist’s and lots of friendly folks. I spend the whole day!

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