Call for Artists: Atlanta Arts Festival




September 12-14
Atlanta, GA
2nd Annual Atlanta Arts Festival
Piedmont Park
200 Artists
Deadline: April 7

You are invited to apply to become one of 200 jury selected participants for this beloved autumn festival. Produced by a highly qualified staff and a strong pool of committed volunteers, both sharing multiple years of event production and promotion in the City of Atlanta, the festival is dedicated to showcasing talented artists from throughout the country for its enthusiastic art buying crowd.

Expect total professional management which includes:

  • a team with vast experience in event production and artist market management
  • sponsorship development
  • professional public relations and marketing

Here are two interesting details of information that should be of interest to you.

1. Despite the drought conditions in Atlanta that have caused the cancellation of four events in Piedmont Park the Arts Festival has been granted the use of the park. This enables them to insure the continuity of a relatively new event in this popular location. This is good for the festival and good for you!

2. Julie Tepp and her staff understand the dynamics of bringing the “right” people to the event. Last year they turned down sponsors that would have brought large crowds to the park because it was not the audience they were seeking. It is not their goal to bring record numbers to the festival, but to bring buyers. This in turn is not exactly good for the Festival’s bottom line, but it is smart strategy for a longer term view of building a quality event.

Intriguing, isn’t it? For more background on the Atlanta Arts Fesival read a letter from the director at this link of this blog.

Visit the application ( for all of the essential details and information on how to participate.

To learn more about the festival visit:


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