LA Art Show with William Shatner & More



Perhaps you are interested in the extravaganza art fairs such as Art Basel, or Art Miami, of the London Frieze Fair. Last week the LA Art Show opened at the Santa Monica Airport’s Barker Hangar. This was pretty interesting to me as a venue for something as glitzy as this because the only reason I have ever been to the Barker Hangar was for the Barney’s Clearance Sale where I scored a Missoni bathing suit!

But the LA Art Show was all the buzz last week and I am reporting it here and attaching the following link because of the ability to peek inside an event like this that draws the rich and famous and many with very deep pockets. The attached video of the reporter following William Shatner around (I much prefer the Shatner of Boston Legal to the Star Trek one–perhaps revealing my age) is amusing and gives you an interesting view into this aspect of our culture.

Thanks Vernoica Belmont for this cool interview.


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One Response to “LA Art Show with William Shatner & More”

  1. barbarajcarter Says:

    That was hilarious! Much funnier than my piece comparing the LA Art Show with the upstart ArtLA show. You can find my take here:


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