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Call for Artists: Spring Arts and Crafts Ensemble

February 29, 2008
Canton, MI
Saturday – March 15
Plymouth High School, 8400 Beck Rd.
Sponsored by the Plymouth-Canton Music Boosters
90 exhibitors
Jewelry spaces are full

Deadline: open until full–but hurry!

Canton, MI, is in the metro Detroit area. Visit this link for directions.

Several years ago, with funds from the school district drying up that supported a nationally recognized band program, the parents rallied and started fund raising so their children could continue to be enriched by participation in the music program. The program is excellent and their drive is also to provide a quality craft show.

The Music Boosters host several different types of fund raisers each year as they are highly motivated to provide only the best for their children.

The juried arts and crafts event is held annually to support the music/band programs at the Plymouth Canton Educational Park. A bake sale, raffle, concessions, and entertainment will also be available. All funds raised go to the band programs at all three Plymouth-Canton High Schools, including the nationally-acclaimed Plymouth-Canton Marching Band who ranked 7th in the Nation in 2007.

What does this mean for you?

  • a small quality event
  • low booth fees
  • a hard working committee, dedicated to your success
  • easy in and out in one day
  • solid support by the community
  • resulting in a day well spent by you

Interested? Visit their website:, click on “events.”


Letter From a Reader: No More Art Fairs For Me

February 28, 2008

Feb. 14

Hello Connie, I did Artigras for 2 years and was quite disappointed – this year i stayed with the Howard Alan schedule and chose this as my coconut grove alternative. Sarasota is far enough away from miami to have a completely different mindset. Its a 2 day show vs the artigras 3 day adventure – i would be happy to reply back with my opinion. As for Artigras it was more of a family festival than an environment for people to invest in art. Thats not to say that people weren’t selling, i was personally disappointed and chose not to apply this year- michael s.

Feb. 20

Hey Michael,

How did things go in Sarasota? I heard nothing but bad news from the
Grove, St. Stephens and Arti Gras.

But interestingly, on Monday I received a phone call from Darrin Alan
and he said Sarasota was good. What was your take? – Connie

Feb. 22

Hi Connie, here goes
the crowds were strong – my impression of the buyers were that they were conservative and older – i personally had limited interest and zero sales
-artists on both sides of me made a few thousand dollars – of my peers those with safe (non urban edgy work) fared better

i did the st armands circle show in january and sold to people on vacation – this was a more local crowd – they were pleasant

later that day:

one more thing this coming weekend in Hyde Park, FL will be my last
for a while. i have been doing shows for just over 10 years this year i have been rejected from everything. I have tried different images and diferent categories frankly can not figure it out – But as Cate Fraser from Bethesda put it – the judges have spoken – so i am accepting it and looking for a job.

i have gotten past the anger and have even come to the point of admitting that its the life style i’ll miss more than the income – last spring i only made money at the bethesda art festival and mainsail in St Pete, FL

just relaunched my website plan to focus on in- house consultations and pound the pavement in Manhattan looking for projects

Best Michael

Call for Artists: Four Art Fairs in Affluent Chicago Neighborhoods

February 28, 2008

Artists, both near and far to the Chicago area, should be intrigued by today’s offerings. I hear many complaints about the big art fairs: high booth fees and expenses in return for a festival atmosphere which produces a large audience but small sales for the artists.

If you’ve never participated in a Chicago area art fair, take a look at these. Chicagoans love their art fairs and are excellent art collectors. Read carefully about the events below. They may be just what you have been looking for.

D & W Events in Chicagoland

Looking for fine art/fine craft festivals featuring quality work, buying crowds and friendly artist hospitality? Here are four shows can make your summer!

D & W Events, Inc., art fairs are known for:

  • high quality artists
  • savvy art patrons in a high economic area
  • fabulous settings in affluent areas
  • experienced professional organizer who seeks quality and variety
  • friendly artist hospitality including Saturday breakfast, bottled water, booth sitting and more
  • easy load in and out

The locations are carefully chosen for each of these and each is partnered with a local charitable organization bringing you a built-in customer base.

The deadline for all four festivals is March 15.

To learn more and download an application:

Cuneo Gardens Art Festival

Vernon Hills, IL

May 24 & 25 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Cuneo Mansion and Museum
Milwaukee Avenue north of Route 60
10 am to 5 pm
125 artists

Imagine spending two days in a park setting surrounded by a historic museum with a formal sculpture garden, greenhouses…. an upscale buying crowd meanders around the grassy knoll…just the place to display your fine work. The median price for a home in Vernon Hills is $469,000 and it is surrounded by many other affluent Chicagoland communities. Doesn’t this sound like the place to be?

The grounds are fenced, gated and guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Friday set up, catered festival food, indoor washrooms are just some of the amenities. A portion of the silent auction and festival proceeds benefit Conservation International.

Deerfield Festival of Fine Arts

Deerfield, IL
May 31 & June 1
6th annual Deerfield Festival of Fine Arts
Presented by Deerfield Fine Arts Commission
and the Village of Deerfield
Deerfield Road west of Waukegan Ave.
10 am to 5 pm
150 artists

Held in downtown Deerfield, this festival attracts a high income crowd, median home price $825,000. Artist festival preview party, Friday set up and indoor washrooms are some amenities. A portion of the silent auction and festival proceeds benefit Ovarian Cancer Research.

Art in the Park – A Northbrook Fine Art Festivalsilk scarves

Northbrook, IL

July 12 & 13
Presented by the Northbrook Arts Commission
Village Green Park
175 artists
Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday: 11 am to 5 pm

New tree-lined setting for this 8th year festival in Northbrook.

Friday set up, community project and indoor washrooms are some amenities. Silent auction proceeds benefit Northbrook Arts Commission. A portion of the festival proceeds benefit City of Hope.

Highwood Fine Art Festival

Highwood, IL
August 16 & 17
Highwood Avenue & Waukegan/Sheridan Rd.
Presented by the Highwood Chamber of Commerce and the City of Highwood Special Events Committee
10 am to 5 pm
75 artists

Downtown location in walking/biking community. Saturday early am set up. Silent auction proceeds benefit Highwood Special Events Committee. A portion of festival proceeds benefit City of Hope.

This is an area well known for its fine restaurants and part of the festival is the “Taste of Highwood.”

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

February 25, 2008

KalamazooOn Saturday I took my own advice and attended an art fair. At this time of the year such entertainments are few and far between here in the frozen North. Along with some friends we went to the Garage Sale Art Fair in Kalamazoo at the fairgrounds.

Artists Bonnie Blandford and Michael Kifer organize this event every year and it accomplishes several objectives:

  • enables artists to clean our their ateliers from overstock, seconds, etc.
  • puts some money into their empty winter coffers
  • gives you a chance to own some very cool art at lower than wholesale prices
  • partly alleviates your art fair craving for the best shopping left in America

What we found:Art Fair Garage Sale

  • great prices
  • huge crowds
  • great shopping
  • many happy people on both sides of the cash register
  • lots of exciting commercial energy in the dead of winter

Garage Sale Art FairIf you live anywhere nearby be sure to put it on your calendar for next year. It is always held on the last Saturday of February.

For me personally it was great to see old friends Pat and Jon Hecker, Jim Reinert, Nancy Schieferstein, Brad Cross and Earl James, and to meet with Paula and Charlie Shoulders who recently linked to my website.

To read an artist’s perspective on participating in the Garage Sale visit Holly Olinger’s blog. Holly, who lives in Charlottesville, VA, made the trek to join us for the weekend in Michigan.

Prize Winners at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival

February 22, 2008

Dale RayburnThe Coconut Grove Arts Festival has extreme competition among artists for a space in the popular event. The jury does a great job winnowing down the top applicants. The festival always has knock out work.

During the festival the jury visits every booth and chooses the best of the best for some nice cash awards and a reinvitation to the 2009 festival.

Double prizewinner in printing and painting Dale Rayburn charts with a customer.

My thanks to Katrina Gallegos, the Coconut Grove Festival’s Artist and Special Events Manager, for sending the following list:

John Krieger – Watercolor

Steven Potts – Wood

Xavier Cortada – Painting

April Davis – Painting

1st – Robert Hessler
2nd – Jan Bilek
3rd – Ed & Julie Risak

1st – Fred Tate
2nd Birgit Kupke-Peyla
3rd – Kim Koch
Award of Merit – E. Douglas Wunder

1st – Lin Christopher
2nd – Michael Braun
3rd – Joe Hoynik

1st – Gloria Gerber
2nd – Lauren Van Hemen
3rd – Ben Buonaiuto & Sage Billig
Award of Merit – Beverly Hayden

1st – Starr Hagenbring
2nd – H. & N. Metzger
3rd – Kate Bishop

1st – Charles Gatewood
2nd – Bruce Peeso
3rd – Dale Rayburn

1st – Kit Karbler
2nd – James Wilbat
3rd – Kurt & Lynda Carlson

1st – Michael Bryant
2nd – Jeff Ripple
3rd – Robin Renee Hix

1st – Aletha Jones
2nd – Gillian Kemper
3rd – Keith Andry

1st – Stephen Sebastian
2nd- Dale Rayburn
3rd – Mamie Joe
Award of Merit – James Skvarch

1st – Galen Carpenter
2nd – Dick Codding
3rd – Piel & Braunschweiger

1st – John Whipple
2nd – Thomas Wargin
3rd – Bruce Niemi
Award of Merit – Elis Gudmann & Kirk Slaughter

Coconut Grove Arts & Historical Association Purchase Award
Lisa Kristine – Photography
Larry Fox – Sculpture

Call for Artists: Atlanta Arts Festival

February 21, 2008



September 12-14
Atlanta, GA
2nd Annual Atlanta Arts Festival
Piedmont Park
200 Artists
Deadline: April 7

You are invited to apply to become one of 200 jury selected participants for this beloved autumn festival. Produced by a highly qualified staff and a strong pool of committed volunteers, both sharing multiple years of event production and promotion in the City of Atlanta, the festival is dedicated to showcasing talented artists from throughout the country for its enthusiastic art buying crowd.

Expect total professional management which includes:

  • a team with vast experience in event production and artist market management
  • sponsorship development
  • professional public relations and marketing

Here are two interesting details of information that should be of interest to you.

1. Despite the drought conditions in Atlanta that have caused the cancellation of four events in Piedmont Park the Arts Festival has been granted the use of the park. This enables them to insure the continuity of a relatively new event in this popular location. This is good for the festival and good for you!

2. Julie Tepp and her staff understand the dynamics of bringing the “right” people to the event. Last year they turned down sponsors that would have brought large crowds to the park because it was not the audience they were seeking. It is not their goal to bring record numbers to the festival, but to bring buyers. This in turn is not exactly good for the Festival’s bottom line, but it is smart strategy for a longer term view of building a quality event.

Intriguing, isn’t it? For more background on the Atlanta Arts Fesival read a letter from the director at this link of this blog.

Visit the application ( for all of the essential details and information on how to participate.

To learn more about the festival visit:

The Coconut Grove Report

February 20, 2008


From a friend of mine:

We just returned from our 28th and last Grove, the demographics have change, a lot, ….. Our customers from the past no longer exist, I don’t know where they went but I know they don’t come to the grove anymore.

You probably won’t believe this but we only did $785 for the three days, that was three sales all from out of state and it only cost us about $1600 to make it. That’s down 90% from last year.

Many artist sold nothing, best in show had no sales. There were a few who did well but on the whole most didn’t. The show was so commercial in favor of the Grove Assoc., you wouldn’t recognize it anymore, we were gouged for everything. We will never go to Miami for anything, as for as I’m concerned it’s a leper colony, to be avoided. Oh yes, my three sales were before noon on Sat. and that was it.

That’s my story and I stand by it. (name withheld)

And here is what the Miami Herald had to say: This article is interesting, but even more interesting are the “comments” below it. Be sure to read them to get a fuller picture.

Here is a posting on the NAIA Forum:

Sales at the show were absolutely horrible. I zero’d again, and a huge number of other exhibitors also sold nothing as of a few hours before closing yesterday. There was LOTS of rain Sunday which usually has the largest crowds, and more rain Monday morning. There was little excitement in the air. Way too many people said they could not buy because they were worried their job was disappearing.

Also this weekend the annual Arti Gras Art Festival was held in Jupiter. They had better weather, but not better sales reports.

I read all the Herald stories on the festival. Nowhere did they list the award winners from the Grove. Years back the Herald was a great partner for bringing customers to the festival. A city’s newspaper is an important factor in publicizing an art fair with interesting features.

From the above reports it does not bode well for this event next year.

How Does This Booth Slide Look to You? – Part 2

February 20, 2008

Hi, Connie,
I thought I’d send you a photo of my “new and improved” tent. I made the covers for the grid panels, got a better table cloth and a rug, hung the floor cloths on a rack, and set it up in our back yard so that there were no other tents or people in the photo. It’s pretty, don’t you think? Thanks again for your advice.

Schneider booth

booth before

before and after

Hello Eloise,

Yes, this is an improvement. Congratulations on all your hard work. It gives a much more professional presentation and should increase your chances of being accepted. Want to do some more work on it?

Hopefully it is a digital image and it will be easy for you to update this image. I suggest that you crop the photo down tighter, so that you see only the booth.

If you feel like shooting it again I would suggest you take out some more of the art. That will give it more of a gallery look. It would also be nice if you shot it on a sunny day. Make a great shot. Good luck to you.

Interested in Part I of this conversation? Visit this link and this one too.

Do any of my readers have comments? Please share them below.

Call for Artists – Lathrup Village, MI

February 18, 2008

June 21 & 22
5th Annual Lathrup Village Art in the Park
100 Artists
Presented by the Lathrup Village Community Foundation
Deadline: May 16

In affluent Oakland County, MI, you will find the City of Lathrup Village which combines an historic past with a dynamic present. Gracious homes and planned city growth have provided an ideal environment for convenient, small city living within the larger metropolitan Detroit area.

Where is Lathrup Village? Visit this link.

The art fair is situated in and around a lovely park setting that borders Southfield Road, taking advantage of the 50,000 + cars that pass through on any given day. A comprehensive advertising plan including articles in major newspapers, and increased radio promotions dedicated to bringing you the customers you deserve will be implemented.

New this year is “A Taste Of Michigan Brews”. The fair will feature a quaint “mini-pub” that will feature only local Michigan brews. The expanded food court is just what you ordered!

Expect fine hospitality which includes:

  • Staff who recognize artists needs
  • Friendly volunteers to help you unload and booth sit
  • Continental breakfast each day
  • Artist reception at the close of the day on Saturday
  • Spacious booths- 12 x 12 with ample aisles
  • Reasonable fee – $150

For more information and to download an application visit: and click on the Artist Link.

Or contact Maralee Rosemond at 248-557-2600 ext. 224 or email her at

Hottest Ticket in Town: Dirty in Detroit

February 15, 2008
Intrusions VI
Through February 16
Bert’s Warehouse Theater
2727 Russell St., Detroit
Tickets $15 in advance, price to be determined at the door
21 and older

So, they say nothing happens in Detroit. Think again. Detroit’s ninth annual “Dirty Show,” touted as the largest exhibition of erotic art in the United States, returns for eight titillating days to its Eastern Market home. Do they stand in line to see art in Detroit? Oh yeah. This is the hippest art opening in the city every year and attended by all those in the know.

“We’re not trying to draw the raincoat crowd,” says longtime organizer Jerry Vile, adding, “You can see more flesh at any strip-bar, and wilder things on the Internet. The ‘Dirty Show’ is more the intellectual side of erotic art.”

Here is what Michael Hodges in the Detroit News had to say, “…Vile — who as a kid could sniff out a hidden Playboy magazines anywhere in a house — promises the work will range from “Grandma-safe to somebody’s-going-to-hell.”

Taking a broad view of “erotic,” one amusing piece by local photographer Sooney Kadouh focuses on a tarted-up toy poodle lusting after a MilkBone. Another, by the Australian group “Bad Behavior,” features two amorous young men — one decked out in oversized bunny head and bunny feet.

Among the 300-odd works that will be on display are some by names, such as Detroit’s Niagara or Bettie-Page photographer Bunny Yeager, that will be familiar to many gallerygoers. And some, like surrealist H.R. Giger, are very big names, indeed.

This year, the “Dirty-Show” jury pawed over some 2,500 submissions. But the bottom line for Vile, who concedes he’s no art expert, is that people have a good time. And the “Dirty Show,” he contends, almost always succeeds in discouraging the dour crowd.”When you keep away the prudes and the snobs,” Vile says, “nobody’s left but the fun people.”