Letters From You: Where Can I Find Reliable Info About Art Fairs?



Hi, I really enjoy and use the information from your site all the time…. I have been doing shows for several years now. Last year was the first year I did outside shows.

A lot of the crafters I have met have told me about 2 different magazines that I have not been able to find even in larger book stores:
Sunshine Artist
Crafts Report

I was told they both deal with the aspects of the craft show business, and the trends of the shows. So if you have any knowledge on these I would really appreciate it. Thank you,
Jill Modena
Squiggles, Stitches and Squishes
Polymer clay designs

Hi Jill,

It depends on where you live if you can find these magazines in a book store. I know I have seen them in Borders in Miami and some other places. But instead of trying to locate them on the newsstand, why not go online to: Sunshine Artist and subscribe. It is relatively inexpensive ($34.95) and is full to the brim with art and craft events. You can also see their show listings online at: http://www.artandcraftshows.net/

As for the Crafts Report, go to their website: www.craftsreport.com. There is a link for subscribing ($32.95 for 12 issues) as well as a link that tells where to find the publication on the newsstands.

If you are solely looking for show listings, the ArtFairSourceBook, has excellent listings with a lot of information about each event. It is somewhat pricey, but full of useful information.

Welcome to the wonderful world of outdoor art fairs and good luck!

happy shoppers at Arts, Beats & Eats

On Jan 24, 2008, at 12:16 PM, Jill Modena wrote:

Hi Constance,
I’m not just looking for show listing all though you never can get enough show info….
I really want to start learning as much as I can about the trends of the shows, and all the ins and outs.
How other people set up, where they buy their display racks from etc…
How well other states are doing compared to Michigan where I’m from.
To see if its actually worth going out of state for shows.
So if you have any advise on anything to read I’m game to read it.
Thank you for your time,

Do you mind if I include these emails from you in my newsletter?

January 26, 2008

Hi Constance,

No, I don’t mind at all.

I wasn’t too sure at the start last year, my first outdoor show started out nice and sunny and about an hour after the show began the worst storm with the highest wind I ever saw in the state of Michigan blew in and I swore I was never doing it again.

That sort of weather happened to me twice, but I made it though the summer. And once again I’m printing out applications for the year an trying to squeeze in even more shows.

Thank you, once again

January 31, 2008

Hi Jill,

You can never do enough research on participating in art fairs. Here are a few more online resources:

Alyson Stanfield’s blog — http://www.artbizblog.com/

Larry Berman’s forum — artshow_photo@yahoogroups.com, you can subscribe to this through yahoogroups. They talk about a lot more than photography.

The ArtList — http://www.theartlist.com/

NAIA forum (need to be a member) — http://naia-artists.org
(This is my favorite source.)

Art Fair Sourcebook forum —

Additionally, Jill, do these three things:

1. Attend any local fairs, even if you are not participating. Talk to the exhibitors, look at their equipment: display racks, tents, etc., look at how they display. Take lots of notes.

2. Any time you are in an art fair set up early then go out and watch the others setting up, see the vehicles, how they get work to their booth, equipment, etc. Find the most attractive booth and study it for yourself.

3. The BEST resource: word-of-mouth. Never miss a chance at an art show to talk to your neighbors and share information. “Done any good art fairs lately?” is a good opening. Then the flood gates will open.

Best of luck to you in 2008, it is going to be fun!


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