Art Fair News: Belleville, Atlanta & Chicago


Richard Skelton1. Congratulations to Belleville, IL’s, Art on the Square for being named #1 Art Fair in the country! This just goes to show you what a small community with great support and vision can do.

“This is like a big Christmas present,” director Patty Gregory said. “I have absolutely been blown away by this.”

Art on the Square received its No. 1 ranking from the 2008 Art Fair SourceBook. The Portland, Ore.-based book judges art fairs on their sales figures. This year, Art on the Square generated about $1.15 million in sales, or an average of $10,842 for each of the 106 artists who participated.


2. Big Changes in Atlanta

Planning on participating in the Dogwood Festival or the Atlanta Arts Festival in Atlanta, GA, this year? I’m sure you have heard about the severe drought in that city. Those festivals and others use the city’s Piedmont Park as their venue. Here’s the news:

On January 9, the City of Atlanta summoned the organizers of the city’s five large festivals to a meeting to announce that, due to the effects of the current drought in Georgia, all city parks, including Piedmont Park, and the adjacent streets, will not be available for large festivals until the drought ends.

To read more about this story visit the Atlanta Journal Constitution site.


3. Art Chicago announces purchase of Toronto fair

Merchandise Mart Properties Inc. continues to expand rapidly in the art exposition business, acquiring an international contemporary art fair in Toronto even as it prepares for an expanded Art Chicago this spring.

The Chicago-based Mart announced Monday that it has bought the Toronto International Art Fair, a contemporary art exposition founded in 2007 and held each October. That fair, which had been owned by Universal Fine Arts Expositions Inc. of British Columbia, last fall drew 110 exhibitors and about 18,000 visitors.

The Mart also co-owns a new fair for emerging contemporary art, called Next, that is to debut here this spring as a satellite show to Art Chicago. The Mart also produces two other Art Chicago satellite shows, the International Antiques Fair and an exhibition of independent artists called the Artist Project.

The Artist Project, produced by the same people who present the One of a Kind Show, is a new opportunity this Spring for you to expose your work to an international clientele. If you haven’t checked this out yet visit the website:


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  1. Chicago Says:

    Art for the mind and for the soul. You gotta love it.

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