Letters From You: Does This Fit Into An Art Fair?


Dear Connie,

I enjoy receiving and reading your newsletter. I’ve been interested in art all my life. It’s probably why I am a professional magician by trade. About 5 years ago, I learned an art form which is very rare. In fact, there are only about a dozen people in the entire US who can do this art form. I’ve been told that people consider me among the best.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me if my art would sell at shows and if so, then what type of shows would be most responsive? I live in the Chicago area. Some have told me to get into Fine Art shows.

I really look forward to hearing back from you. Please click on the link below and you can see my art work. I know you’ll find it not only interesting, but also probably one of the most interesting you’ve ever seen.


Thank you for your time.

Jeff Scanlan
Bottle Magic

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for contacting me. I visited your website and surely do agree with you that this is a rare art form.

My first question would have to be: are you making the bottles? Most art fairs require the artists to apply in categories, so as I look at this, I am wondering about what category it would be.

The work might be accepted at an “outsider art fair,” where there is always some very surprising work. But since you live in Chicago I think your best bet might be to run the work by some art fair organizers. Amy Amdur of Amdur Productions would be a good resource for you. She is pretty open minded and might be helpful to you.

Maybe some of my subscribers would have ideas for you also.

Best of luck,

Hi Constance,

Yes. I make each and every Bottle Magic bottle. They take me many hours to make. Thank you so much for your prompt response and advice. I told you my work was very unique. That’s why I’ve been trying to see where I “fit in” in the Art & Crafts Fairs. I’ve thought about trying to get them into art galleries. But, until I can do that on a somewhat regular basis, I’ll just keep selling them world wide through my website.

I did have my bottle art displayed at Northwestern University’s CCT Art Gallery. I was one of nine artist asked to display their work from July – September 2007. I would like to follow your advice and get in contact Ms. Amy Amdur. How can I contact her?

Thanks again for everything.

Jeff Scanlan


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