Re: How Does This Booth Slide Look To You?


Condon at St. Joe

A few weeks ago I published an email from an artist in Florida who had consulted me for advice on moving from the classroom to exhibiting at outdoor art fairs. You can read it and my reply at this link on this blog.

A second question she asked was about where she belonged in this art fair business, what niche would work best for her. You can read the answer to this question also at this link in this blog.

I was intrigued as to whether or not my advice about her booth was helpful to her. I really felt validated when she replied with this answer (doesn’t it always make you feel good when you find out you really do know what you are talking about?):

Connie: I’d love to hear what you learned at last weekend’s art fair after you solicited my advice.

E.S.: Well … that it’s not my art, it’s my set-up. The photo that I sent you was of my first tent (I have a new one now) so I put the new tent up, laid down a rug, and made make-shift covers for my grid panels. I had lots of compliments and sold lots of art – and had as pretty a booth as anyone else.

Truthfully, I learned a whole lot more from you than I did from looking at the other art displays – they didn’t have booths even as nice as mine was when I took the first photo (the one I sent you with the open grid panels and older tent). But I guess not all artists are striving to get into the really big shows; and since this is something that I would like to try to do, all the details really matter to me. I want to always work to improve and push myself to be better.

With my new tent and rug and covered panels, I was the prettiest tent at the show last weekend. I know that I need to use January and February to make slipcovers for the grid panels that are permanent use-them-every-time covers and take another photo then. It is frustrating that shows don’t tell you what they want, so my husband and I are going to visit some art shows before we try to get in them. I would have made improvements before now, had I known what to do. Thank you again for your help.


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2 Responses to “Re: How Does This Booth Slide Look To You?”

  1. Liz Says:

    I have been searching the web for info in booth design. I’m wondering if anyone can help me out. I often set up at events where fortune tellers and other metaphysical types might be selling. I’m a certified life coach and want to give people a taste of the skills I have to offer and let them understand that they can design their own future as opposed to being told what its supposed to be. I have thought about using the theme of the Wise Old Crone but am not completely settled on that.

    What I’m selling is a mini consutation, I might have some products/books related to relaxation. I need to know how to layout such a booth; should it be crafted out of wood? An easy up? etc. Do you have thoughts on themes and where I can get materials? What should the fueng shui of the energy flow be like, and so on………………….Thanks,

  2. Mary Starosta Says:

    I’m a potter and did my first 3-day crafts fair and booth display. Great post and nice booth!

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