Call for Artists: State College, PA


Susan Livingston's sculpture

July 13-18
Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts

41st Annual Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition

Downtown State College and Penn State Campus
300 Exhibitors

Deadline: February 1, 2008
Applications available online:

Where is State College, PA? Visit this link.

Why should you apply to this festival?

Here are the words of the CPFA Executive Director, Rick Bryant:

  • In the latest Sunshine Artist magazine ranking, we came out at #6 on the Fine Art and Design list. We were listed with the top big city or resort shows, that’s pretty heady company
  • We bring roughly 125,000 people to State College over five days in July (the first day of our Festival is Children’s Day, and our artists set up at the end of the day, so that they are there four days).
  • Show is in its 42nd year and is on Penn State campus and the streets of the Borough of State College. Actually, we were founded by the State College chamber of commerce and Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture as a “town/gown” event.
  • Penn State alumni return for “Arts Festival Alumni Weekend,” a time to renew old college ties, attend special programs, and, of course, the arts festival. We are strongly supported by Penn State.
  • We hand out over $17,000 in prizes, the top prize, the Arete Best of Show Award (Arete is a Greek word meaning roughly, excellence) is $2500.
  • We also receive lots of support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-not only the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, but also the Pennsylvania Tourism Office.
  • Our festival features the outdoor show, an indoor gallery exhibition, a celebration of Italian Street Painting, performing arts on three indoor stages and four outdoor stages.

The publisher of says:

If you are sincere about your career at the art fairs, this is an event that you should seriously consider for your participation. The best reason, besides the ones Rick stated above, is that your work will be seen by a clientele who comes from across the country for this annual reunion at their alma mater. The exposure to a new audience could lead not only to success at State College but it will broaden your art fair experience. Lots of Easterners attend and it is a good cultural mix that you will appreciate.

For more information about the Central Pennsylvania Festival of Arts visit their thorough website.


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