Call for Artists: Art in the Park in New Jersey


39th Annual Art in the Park
A Juried Arts and Crafts Show
At the Montclair Art Museum
Montclair, NJ

Preview & wine reception: May 2
Show dates: May 3 & 4
150 Artists


  • Hardcopy mailed applications: December 14, 2007

Art in the Park caters exclusively to craftspeople interested in presenting their work to a clientele in an affluent community setting. This year the show moves to the grounds of the Montclair Art Museum and coincides with the art museum’s hosting of the New Jersey Craft Annual, entitled “Tribal Roots in the Garden State.”

Where is Montclair, NJ? Click on this link.

Why haven’t I heard of this art fair before? You may be asking yourself this question as I am asking myself. I don’t know. Maybe it is one of those events where you only tell a friend and tell them not to tell anyone else. A visit to their website: shows a well organized event that is set in an affluent area twelve miles from New York City. Like the 57th Street show in Chicago, it is a highly anticipated event for this area and its surrounding communities.

Why you should be interested:

  • a great date when there are few art shows
  • a visit to their website shows many familiar names in the 2007 show
  • exhibit spaces in the art museum as well as on the lawn
  • experienced professional organizers who know and expect quality
  • an art museum sponsored event in an area with few fine art venues
For more information visit their information filled website:

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One Response to “Call for Artists: Art in the Park in New Jersey”

  1. michael solomon Says:

    i live near the show and had never heard of it, last year 2007 was the first time it was run by new people that attempted to make it a top show, vs a local art and craft show. i know many of the exhibitors and i felt and still feel that it is a new show that has potential, but to pretend that it has a history like 57th street is criminal. The museum connection is helpful, but i’d rather drive to chicago to do just about any show than risk the booth fee here in New Jersey.

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