Featured Artist – Dolan Geiman

Contemporary Art With a Southern Flair
Dolan Geiman

This month’s artist can be descirbed as Southern, ruralist, rescued, green mixed media designer of art machines, rescued and repurposed clothing, collages, furniture, paintings and wood constructions.

Growing up in the South he made art all the time. Every day he and his brother made something, “Whether it was a corn husk doll, or a t-shirt that we dyed ourselves with berries, or a sculpture out of sticks that we found. Every activity had something creative in it.

If we went for a walk, by the time we came home we’d have some much stuff in our pockets it would take us a whole day just to look at all of it. This kind of intrigue never died for me, or disappeared like it does when most people grow older. I think mine actually became more intense.”

Interested? Learn more about Dolan Geiman and his multi-faceted talents at his website: www.dolangeiman.com


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