People Love Free Stuff


I really enjoyed this blog post by Edward Winkleman who writes about art and politics. It is a report on his take on the Pulse Art Fair which was part of Art Basel Miami Beach last weekend.

He talks about the freebies given out by artist Jennifer Dalton–black vinyl bracelets imprinted with the phrase I’D RATHER BE HOT THAN RICH and the complementary white ones that read I’D RATHER BE RICH THAN HOT.

Read about why this happened and what it all meant at this link:

There are lots of interesting links to the art world outside of art fairs with good photos of “serious” art displays. If you think street fairs aren’t the whole of your career, do take a look at this. I will have to say though that I have often seen better art on the street than some of this presented in this chi-chi atmosphere.


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